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The Montana Department of Transportation does not currently maintain a specific long range plan for consultant utilization. As projects are nominated, internal staff analyzes the capability for MDT to complete the work internally, at which time the decision is made to design with internal MDT staff or to utilize a consultant firm.

Be sure to check out the Current RFQs and RFPs page to see current project/term contract solicitations.

The table below contains known projects/term contracts coming up that the MDT is planning to utilize external consultant services for at this time.

Table 1 - Known upcoming projects that will utilize external consultant services
Project / Term ContractGeneral Scope of ServicesProjected Date of Consultant Selection
Gold Creek Rest Area Study to evaluate options for the Gold Creek Rest Area facility. The study will evaluate two alternatives: a reduced-services option (truck parking), and an abandonment option. The end result of the study will be a report that evaluates the need for continued reduced services at this location and summarizes the costs associated with those services. Additionally, the study will include an analysis of the costs associated with an abandonment option. 2017/2018
O St-Bennett St Connector-Livingston Transportation Alternatives project for the design of ADA compliant shared-use path, sidewalk, and curb ramps. The project is located in Livingston along Park Street (N-11) from O Street eastward to connect with the existing shared-use path near Veteran’s Bridge, and along O Street between Callender Street and Park Street. The project was selected as part of the 2017-2018 round of Transportation Alternatives (TA) funding and the TA application from the City of Livingston is available here. Winter 2017/2018
Round Butte Rd Path-Ronan Transportation Alternatives project for the design of ADA compliant sidewalk, multi-use path, curb ramps, and landscaping. The project is located in Ronan along Round Butte Road from the Ronan Middle School westward to the existing path west of the railroad tracks. The project was selected as part of the 2017-2018 round of Transportation Alternatives (TA) funding and the TA application from the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes is available here. Winter 2017/2018
Kalispell Bypass – South Half Comprehensive design services for a capital improvement project on the Kalispell Bypass. The intent of this project is to widen the existing 2-lane portion of the Bypass to 4 lanes (Foys Lake Road to US 93). Additionally, the project will include new grade-separated interchanges at the Airport Road intersection and the Foys Lake Road intersection. Services will be needed The consultant will be required to provide comprehensive design services necessary for the project, including (but not limited to) roadway design, bridge design, geotechnical, survey, public involvement, R/W design, and potentially R/W acquisition. Winter 2017/2018
Clark Fork – 1 Mile NW of Trout Creek Comprehensive design services for a bridge rehabilitation project of the Clark Fork Bridge, near Trout Creek. The general intent of the project is to replace the deck of this structure, due to the deteriorated condition. Primarily due to the narrow width and need to maintain traffic on the structure, MDT has elected to deliver this project to construction through the alternative delivery method of CMGC. The selected design consultant will be required to provide all of the necessary services needed to work with MDT and a construction Contractor to develop a rehabilitation solution for this structure. Effective communication skills will be critical for this project. Winter 2017/2018
Statewide Airport Pavement Condition Index The work included in this project will require Pavement Condition Indexes (PCI’s) at approximately 56 general aviation airports located throughout the state of Montana. Each airport to be surveyed will receive a detailed field examination and pavement analysis utilizing sound engineering techniques compatible with the MicroPaver system. Individual pavement distress types will be identified, such as alligator cracking, rutting, raveling, block cracking, etc. A PCI listing and its respective pavement ratings will be developed for all airports receiving a PCI. A written PCI report will be compiled listing the PCI results, recommendations and overall summaries to include family analysis curves, PCI predictions, tables of PCI summary ratings, system-wide pavement conditions, the pavement life cycle figure, and a budget condition forecast. Spring 2018
Construction Contract Administration Term Contract Term Contracts for construction inspection and contract administration services on an as-needed, project-specific basis to augment MDT construction field staff to perform elements of field inspection, material testing, construction surveying, construction administration, and quality assurance. It is expected that several term contracts will be executed in time for the 2018 construction season, and will likely extend through the 2019 construction season. These services are needed statewide, though specific term contracts may be executed for regions or MDT Districts. Spring 2018
Malta – South Proposed major rehabilitation on the existing alignment of N-61 (US 191) from RP 147.4 to 156.8. The Preliminary Field Review report is complete (see below for link to report). Mapping, engineering, and cadastral surveys have been completed, as well as some very preliminary road design work (see below for links to this information). Sanderson Stewart has performed survey work for this project.

The work is to complete the design, which includes widening the existing roadway, adjustments to the vertical alignment to increase safety, a new surfacing section, culvert replacements, and minor work on the existing bridge over Alkali Creek. Four drainage crossings were recently replaced with culverts that would be extended. Additionally, the local community has expressed interest in non-motorized accommodations for the last mile or so of the project (northern limit near Malta). This will have to be considered during design, including helping MDT work through policies and procedures regarding these types of facilities. The selected consultant will be required to provide comprehensive design services necessary for the project, including (but not limited to) roadway design, geotechnical investigation, analysis and design, hydraulics, traffic, and R/W design. The public involvement component is also included as only a news release has been distributed to date.

Supplemental information:
Spring/Summer 2018
CMGC Independent Cost Estimator Term Contract for Independent Cost Estimator (ICE) on an as-needed basis for Construction Manager / General Contractor (CM/GC) Contracts. The selected Independent Cost Estimator will provide a series of detailed cost estimates throughout project development for the Department’s CM/GC projects. Estimates developed by the ICE will be used to establish, compare, and approve the Construction Manager / General Contractor’s pricing for a given project. Cost estimates and models will be developed, including all cost elements. The ICE will be required to obtain independent subcontractor and vendor quotes, as well as analyze and critique production schedules. The ICE will work closely with and become a part of the overall Project Team. Fall 2018