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Hamilton Access Control Project


The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) proposes to develop an Access Management Plan for US Highway 93 through Hamilton, Montana. The project begins at Angler's Roost Bridge (Reference Post (RP) 43.7) and ends just south of the Bitterroot River (RP 49). The Hamilton Area Transportation Plan 2009 Update identified a US Highway 93 access management plan as one of the top seven projects for implementation.

Hamilton Access control project location map

When finalized the plan will help guide the approval of future requests for access along the highway and help landowners, developers, and local governments better understand how access management will affect the development of properties adjoining the road.

The access management plan is intended to improve safety, function, and operation of the roadway, and to ultimately provide a system that serves both local and regional users. The Hamilton Access Management Plan will assist the City and County by establishing guidelines for:

  • limiting the number of conflict points
  • separating conflict areas
  • reducing interference with through traffic
  • providing sufficient spacing between at grade intersections
  • reducing conflicting volumes
  • improving roadway operations
  • improving driveway operations.

This project will complete access management for the US Highway 93 South corridor.