Montana Department of Transportation


Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan

The Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan (CHSP) grew out of an existing policy goal described in TranPlan 21, Montana's statewide long-range transportation plan to "Provide leadership and coordinate with other Montana agencies to improve traveler safety." Additional impetus in developing a strategic highway safety plan came from the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU), a bill that governs federal surface transportation spending.

The MDT developed Montana's Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan in collaboration with other agencies and jurisdictions with roles in highway safety at the state, local and Federal levels as well as Montana's sovereign Tribal Nations. Under the oversight of a multi-agency CHSP Leadership Committee, the development of the CHSP addressed the following objectives:

  • Establish quantifiable safety-related goals, objectives, and performance measures relevant to travel on Montana's highways;
  • Address issues at all levels of jurisdiction with specific attention to local and tribal entities;
  • Establish a mechanism for interagency coordination and develop the necessary partnering processes;
  • Identify candidate safety strategies and evaluate their potential benefits, costs, and ability to attain performance objectives;
  • Establish a process for prioritizing identified strategies based on their likely benefits relative to the identified safety goals and objectives; and
  • Develop a strategic implementation plan, including action items for deployment in MDT's plans and programs as well as by other partnering agencies with roles in highway safety. This implementation plan is defined in the Annual Element of the CHSP.


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