Welcome to the Department's Plan Holders Lists Service

The department maintains project plan holders lists showing business entities that request to be added to the lists.

Using this Plan Holders Lists service, business entities can:

  • Make a request for addition to a project plan holders list.
  • Request current plan holders lists for a specific project.

Your initial access to the Plan Holders Lists service is a two-step process. To begin, you must have an Okta Montana account to use the Plan Holders Lists Service. Have Okta questions?

To access the Plan Holders Lists service, click on "Login". You'll be directed to a "login.mt.gov" page where you can either sign in or create an Okta account.

If you haven't registered to use this service you'll be redirected to the service registration page. Otherwise, you'll be redirected to the service menu page.

Previous users may need to register again the first time they log in using their Okta account.