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MDT Bridge Inspection

Two Medicine Bridge in East Glacier
Two Medicine Bridge in East Glacier

Manuals and Guidance

Please contact MDT’s Bridge Management Section for any questions, comments, or other feedback regarding current manuals or guidance. FAQ guidance is found here.

Current Manual and Inspection Guide

Title Version Release Date Archived Versions
MDT Bridge Inspection and Rating Manual 1.1 October 2018
MDT Timber Bridge Inspection Guide 1.4 September 2017

Interim Guidance

The following includes interim guidance that has been issued as an amendatory or supplemental revision to the current manual. These interims are currently in effect and will be incorporated and published as final guidance during periodic review and update of the manual.

Title Version Release Date Revision to Current
Manual Section
(if applicable)
Follow-up Inspection Guidance 1.0 April 2020 N/A
Late Inspection Guidance 1.0 April 2020 N/A
Consultant Regular Inspection 1.0 January 2020
New Bridge Asset Process 1.0 July 2019 N/A
Hands on Inspection of Steel Members 1.0 July 2019 N/A
Repair Item and Critical Finding 1.0 February 2019 N/A
Timber Element Condition State Guide 1.0 May 2019 N/A
Extended Inspection Frequency 1.0 April 1994 N/A
Extended Inspection Frequency Flowchart 1.0 August 2017 N/A
Jump Cracking 1.0 August 2017 N/A