2021 TranPlanMT Biennial Surveys

Drone view overlooking I 90 north of Helena in the winter

April 25, 2022

Moving Montana Forward. Together.

As part of MDT's long-range transportation plan, TranPlanMT, there are two surveys administered on a biennial basis to the public and stakeholders. The surveys are conducted by MDT's survey partner, the University of Montana (UM BBER), during the summer months of odd years. The resulting responses are then compiled into detailed survey reports, which are published online.

In 2021...

  • For the public involvement survey, a random, statistically valid sample of adult Montanans were sent surveys, resulting in 1,160 total responses.
  • Nine (9) stakeholder groups identified during the update to TranPlanMT (2017) were invited to participate in the survey, resulting in 398 total responses. (Please note that the stakeholder survey IS NOT a statistically valid survey, but is still an important part of MDT's public involvement efforts.)
  • Both public and stakeholder respondents reported overall moderate satisfaction with Montana's transportation system and named maintaining road pavement condition as the highest priority to improve Montana's transportation system (historically consistent with past survey results).

Other topics covered in these surveys include funding (perceived value and priorities), state transportation system and services (satisfaction and priorities), MDT customer service, and other transportation-related topics.

These surveys are an important part of TranPlanMT, and the responses provided will help MDT continue to plan, build, and maintain a transportation system that serves Montanans and the general traveling public of our state. You can access the 2021 survey reports and learn more about TranPlanMT here.

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