Don't Crowd The Plow

November 10, 2022

While driving, be on the lookout for snowplows and give operators room to work. Many plows are hit by private vehicles each winter, with the potential to cause harm to all parties involved. The plow truck and operator are taken out of service immediately following an incident.

Drive safely this winter and keep these tips in mind:

  • Don't pass a plow when the TowPlow is deployed. The operator will periodically rotate the TowPlow back in line with the truck to allow vehicles to pass.
  • Be aware that, where there is one plow working, others may be nearby. The snow cloud created by one plow may obscure presence of additional plows in adjacent lanes.
  • When approaching a snowplow from the rear, reduce speed immediately.
  • When approaching an oncoming plow, don't crowd the centerline.
  • Be patient. Plow operators know where they can pull over to let vehicles pass, but remember, the road in front of the plow is likely not as clear as the road behind it.

MDT has tools to help plan for conditions so you can reach your destination safely. Find more plow safety information and winter driving tips. Current construction information, width restrictions, and road conditions throughout Montana can be found at

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view from inside a plow with another plow working up ahead of it