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Broadus Interchange - Miles City

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Construction on the Broadus Interchange is complete, on schedule, as of December 1, 2020.

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Project Overview

The Broadus Interchange-Miles City project is a community driven solution to reduce congestion and improve the operation and safety of the existing I-94 interchange at South Haynes Ave. in Miles City, MT. It focusses on adding capacity to accommodate future growth in the community, while reducing the potential for crashes at the interchange. The intersection was first nominated for improvement in 2011 and construction is set to begin Spring 2019.

Bridge Replacements

The project will replace and upgrade eastbound and westbound bridges crossing South Haynes Avenue. The structures require replacement to provide additional clearance for large vehicles, as well as line-of-sight improvements for motorists turning onto South Haynes Avenue from the interstate.

Both bridges will be fully demolished and reconstructed to meet current MDT and national design standards. The new structures will provide 17-ft of clearance above South Haynes Ave. and will contain wider shoulders and 12-foot travel lanes. Each bridge will also be wide enough to accommodate a future expansion of South Haynes Ave. as the community continues to grow.

In addition to the structure replacements, all four interchange ramps will be widened and lengthened to add additional capacity to the interchange and improve acceleration onto, and deceleration from, the interstate.

Interchange Roundabouts

Originally constructed as a farm-interchange in 1961, today the Broadus interchange serves as the primary “gateway” to Miles City. Increased population growth along with commercial activity in the area has resulted in current and projected traffic volumes that exceed what the original interchange was designed to handle. Without intersection improvements, residents can expect increased congestion, peak-hour delays, and a greater potential for crashes, now and in the future.

The Broadus Interchange Project will incorporate a pair of roundabouts at the intersections located immediately north and south of I-94. These roundabouts will significantly reduce the potential for crashes at the intersection while improving traffic flow and alleviating congestion.

Project Costs: Total project costs, including intersection improvement and structure replacements, are estimated at $15-17 million.

Impacts to the Public

MDT is committed to working with local stakeholders to minimize construction impacts to residents and local business. The Broadus interchange will remain fully functional during construction; however, the public is asked to prepare for delays and lane closures. Planning extra travel time is recommended.

South Haynes Avenue will remain open during the project; however, the public should be prepared for significant construction impacts. Lane closures will be in effect during select bridge replacement and roundabout installation activities, and residents should expect delays of up to 15 minutes. MDT is committed to maintaining full-time access to local businesses and will furnish appropriate signage to those located in the impacted area.

Motorists traveling east or westbound on I-94 should expect reduced speeds and single lane traffic during bridge replacement. Because this is a construction project the traveling public is asked to prepare for delays of up to 15 minutes and is reminded to slow down and watch for work crews and equipment.

Timely Detour and Delay Information

Project Timeline

Construction of the interstate cross-overs will begin summer 2018 in preparation for bridge removal; however, significant construction activity will not begin until Spring 2019. Work on the interchange will be completed in the following phases.

Broadus Interchange project timeline
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