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MDT will use Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) methods for replacing two bridges over Trail Creek. ABC is a fast-tracked construction technique that uses pre-fabricated bridge components to replace the old bridges. This method requires a full road closure to replace each bridge. The two closures are expected to take place in late summer. The highway will be closed for up to four weekdays during each closure.

Compared to typical bridge construction, the ABC method:

Will reduce the construction time of the bridges by 2-3 months.
Requires fewer traffic delays.
Has a smaller environmental impact.
Is comparable in cost.

Watch a video example of the ABC method in Montana.

Bridge Design Example

Bridge Design Example

Bridge Design Example
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Stay Informed During Construction

MDT will notify the public about traffic impacts and work activities through the project website, local media, mailings, social media, and email and text notifications during construction. Questions and comments can be directed to Brandon Coates via email or call the project hotline at 406-284-1500.