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Kalispell Concrete Rehab

June 20, 2021
The Kalispell Concrete Rehab Project is now considered complete. Please visit the Weekly Update tab to read more.

Project Overview

This summer, the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) will complete 1.6 miles of concrete preservation work in the Kalispell area. There will be two work zones:

  1. Main Street (US 93) from the 6th Street to Washington Street
  2. Idaho Street (US 2) from 1st Avenue WN to 7th Avenue EN
Kalispell Concrete Rehab project map
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The concrete preservation work will keep good roads in good condition for years to come. MDT will conduct the following repairs in both locations:

  • Grind down the existing concrete pavement to provide for a smoother commute.
  • Seal roadway joints and cracks.
  • Repair concrete where necessary.
  • Upgrade signage.
  • Add new pavement markings.

The majority of the work on both Main Street and Idaho Street will be completed Monday through Friday during nighttime hours, from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. The project will begin in May and take approximately three months to complete.

What to Expect

During nighttime work hours, travelers should expect single-lane closures, directional signage, signals and lower speed limits. Flaggers will most likely be present while work is being performed. Both work zones are considered active construction zones 24-hours per day and drivers should exercise caution both during the day and at night.

Nighttime work will lessen impacts to daytime travelers in downtown Kalispell, but some businesses might experience noise during the later hours. Business accesses will remain open, but delays can be anticipated in the evening for drivers entering or exiting.

Pedestrians and bicyclists are encouraged to utilize sidewalks or use an alternate route.

Keeping Good Roads Good

MDT performs preventative maintenance or “pavement preservation” around the state. Just like regularly changing your car’s oil, you’ll see MDT crews and contractors working to protect pavement with regularly scheduled maintenance projects.

Keeping good roads in good shape makes more sense than putting all resources towards roads that have fallen into serious disrepair. Pavement preservation helps ensure that good roads remain good and don’t fall into poor condition.

Roads in truly bad shape require a lot more money, time and resources to fix up. Pavement preservation keeps more Montana roads from falling into serious disrepair and keeps Montana drivers from experiencing major road construction.

Instead of waiting until a road deteriorates to the point where it would require millions of dollars to repair, resulting in lengthy traffic disruptions that could extend for an entire summer or more, pavement preservation extends the life of these roads with minimal investment and disruptions.

Keeping Kalispell Roads in Good Condition

Diamond Grinding
For the Kalispell Concrete Rehab project, MDT will conduct diamond grinding to improve the surface of the road. Closely spaced diamond saw blades are ground against the road to remove hardened concrete and bumps that cause rough commutes. This allows the roadway to be smoothed and provides a nice driving surface. While this preservation work is cost-effective and vital to a strong system, it can also be noisy.

Here is a link to a video from New South Wales’ transportation department that demonstrates how this process works.

Joint/Crack Sealing
MDT will seal joints and cracks in the concrete pavement to keep water and other materials out. This is a minimally invasive procedure and a basic step of most larger pavement preservation projects.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation uses a similar process to our work in Montana. This is what joint/crack sealing looks like.

Additional Concrete Repairs
If there are areas where concrete is past the point of rehabilitation, MDT will fill those areas with new concrete.

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