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Public Involvement

Toston Structures Project

Public Involvement

Effective public involvement is vital to good decision making. It allows MDT to deliver transportation solutions that improve safety and efficiency, protect natural and human environments, contribute to community vitality, and improve quality of life. Engaging the public early and throughout project development is key to the MDT's mission.

For Phase 1 of this project, MDT has held 3 public meetings:

  • An early, initial meeting of re-introduction (November 2013);
  • A second meeting during corridor alignment analysis (October 2014); and
  • A third meeting after an alignment was selected for detailed design (August 2015).

These meetings were announced in local newspapers and through direct mailings. If you'd like to be included in the project mailing list, please contact one of the three contacts listed.


The Department welcomes your comments on the Toston Structures project. Please feel free to submit comments online or by mail to:

Please indicate comments are for project CN 7668.