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Project Overview

The Montana Department of Transportation plans to replace two bridges over Trail Creek and one culvert at Canyon Creek on Highway 43 west of Wisdom. The Trail Creek bridges were built in 1961 and have deteriorated to the point that rehabilitation and maintenance is no longer practical. The culvert at Canyon Creek is too small, causing heavy spring runoff to overflow onto the highway.

The new bridges will serve the community well into the future. The bridges will:

  • Use upgraded railing
  • Be slightly wider than the existing bridges
  • Handle a larger amount of water and help restore Trail Creek to a more natural flow

The new culvert will reduce maintenance and keep the roadway safe and open to traffic during rainfalls and heavy spring runoff.

Project Location

The project is located 17 miles west of Wisdom on Highway 43 near the May Creek Campground between mileposts 9 and 11.

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Project Schedule

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