Montana Department of Transportation

Malcolm “Mack” Long, Director


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25,000 lane miles of highway

Pavement analysis and treatment, de-icing and plowing, and reporting road conditions are part of MDT's maintenance efforts designed to keep you safe when you drive.

Regulated Trucking

Weight restrictions on commercial trucks protect Montana’s highways and help ensure the safety of the traveling public.

Trucks put additional stress on Montana’s roads, which is why truckers pay extra fees to use them. MDT’s Motor Carrier Services Division (MCS) regulates commercial trucking by operating weigh stations and sites across Montana.

Our MCS officers check commercial vehicles for proper licenses, size and weight permits, and they inspect vehicles to ensure they meet all safety regulations.

MCS officers weigh more than 600,000 trucks and inspect more than 35,000 commercial vehicles each year.

Proceeds from truck permits and fuel taxes provide up to 20% of the funding used to construct and maintain Montana’s highway system.

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