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Malcolm “Mack” Long, Director


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Railroad Crossings

The Montana Department of Transportation is working with Operation Lifesaver to educate people on how to be safe around highway-rail crossings and railroad tracks.

Trespassing on rail and transit tracks or violating rail crossing laws is a losing proposition.

Trains today are often bigger, faster and quieter than they were in the past. Diligent safety practices and engineering advancements have reduced the numbers of injuries and fatalities at highway-rail crossings. However, incidents resulting from rail trespass—often involving young people—remain a constant challenge. Predictions for a substantial boost in rail travel mean that in the near future there will be more trains on busier tracks, giving our mission to reach kids, teens and young adults added urgency.

BSNF train approaches railroad crossing

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Operation Lifesaver is working to change people's behavior around railroad tracks and crossings with the national public awareness campaign, See Tracks? Think Train!

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Community Outreach

If you need more information, please contact us:

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  • Traffic & Safety Engineering Bureau
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