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Upcoming 2017 Events

Date Location Event Time Contact
September 13-14 Great Falls Profit Mastery 8:30am-4:30pm Jason Nitschke 406-771-9022
September 27-28 Boulder Profit Mastery Julie Jaksha, 406-533-6780
October 19 MMEC –Bozeman Intro to QuickBooks 9am-3:30pm Suzi Berget-White, 406-587-3113
November 16 MMEC –Bozeman How to Get Contracts
With the Government
9am-12pm Suzi Berget-White, 406-587-3113
December 6-7 MMEC –Bozeman Profit Mastery 8:30am-4:30pm Suzi Berget-White, 406-587-3113
December 12 Butte QuickBooks - Year End Julie Jaksha, 406-533-6780
December 14 MMEC –Bozeman QuickBooks - Year End Reporting 9am-12pm
Suzi Berget-White, 406-587-3113

For more information on events, please contact , 406-444-7287.