Montana Department of Transportation

Montana Department of Transportation


Rail Service Competition Council



The Agriculture subcommittee of the Montana Rail Service Competition Council works to enhance cost-effective rail services for the export of agricultural commodities.

Subcommittee Members
Eric Doheny, Chair Montana Rail Link
Andre Giles Montana Flour and Grains
Frank Schoonover Montana Wheat and Barley Committee
Joel Clairmont Dept. of Agriculture
Ron de Yong Dept. of Agriculture
Senator Bruce Tutvedt Senate District 3
Barbara Ranf BNSF Railway
Terry Whiteside Whiteside & Associates

Energy Shipping (Coal, Oil, Natural Gas, etc.)

This subcommittee of the Montana Rail Service Competition Council works to ensure that rail transportation enables Montana's energy resources to most competitively reach markets in the U.S. and around the world.

Subcommittee Members
Commissioner John Grewell Carbon County
John Rogers Governor's Office of Economic Development
Mike Kadas Department of Revenue
Todd O'Hair Cloud Peak Energy
Mike Tooley Department of Transportation
Terry Whiteside Whiteside & Associates

Economic Development Subcommittee

The Economic Development Subcommittee of the Rail Service Competition Council was established to utilize existing port and rail facilities to expand business operations and stimulate economic development in Montana. The subcommittee focuses on enhancing market access for the state's commodities, improving access to available intermodal rail services, promoting Montana shippers and receivers, and developing additional business opportunities and resources for Montana shippers, receivers, and transportation providers.

Subcommittee Members
Kathy Fasso, Chair Port of Montana
Doug Miller Revett Minerals, Troy Mine
Walt Ainsworth Watkins & Shepard Trucking
Representative Ryan Lynch House District 74
Kathy Fasso Port of Montana
Joel Clairmont Dept. of Agriculture
John Rogers Governor’s Office of Economic Development
Jim Lewis Montana Rail Link
Terry Whiteside Whiteside & Associates