Montana Department of Transportation

Bigge Crane Megaload Permit Issued

A permit has been issued for a megaload to travel from Idaho through Montana to Great Falls. The move, planned for seven stages, will travel at night to minimize travel disruptions to others along the route. MORE INFORMATION

Property & Equipment

Motor Pool Vehicle Classes

The Motor Pool function is to provide cost efficient and reliable vehicles on a daily and extended use basis to state employees conducting official business. The Motor Pool offers the following types of units to meet the users needs:

Class 02Small Utilities (Jeep Patriots)
Class 03Hybrid Small Utilities (Ford Escape)
Class 04Large Utilities (Ford Expedition)
Class 05Hybrid Sedans (Toyota Prius)
Class 06Passenger Cards (Chevy Impala & Ford Fusion)
Class 07Small Pickups
Class 11Large Pickups (Dodge, including open bed and topper)
Class 12Vans (6 Passenger mini, 8 or 12 passenger)