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Bigge Crane Megaload Permit Issued

A permit has been issued for a megaload to travel from Idaho through Montana to Great Falls. The move, planned for seven stages, will travel at night to minimize travel disruptions to others along the route. MORE INFORMATION

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Performance Programming Process (P3)

The Department's Performance Programming Process (P3) ensures that the best system wide investment decisions are made given:

  • Overall direction from our customers;
  • Available resources; and
  • System performance monitored over time.

MDT defines P3 as:
"A method to develop an optimal investment plan and measure progress in moving toward strategic transportation system goals"

One of the main components of P3 is asset management. Asset management is a process to strategically manage the transportation system in a cost-effective, safe, efficient, and environmentally sensitive manner. It is based on managing for results by focusing on performance. The major elements of an asset management system are:

  • Establishing goals and objectives through development of a strategic plan;
  • Collecting data to measure progress toward achieving the established goals and objectives;
  • Using management systems to control the various processes;
  • Developing appropriate performance measures;
  • Identifying standards and benchmarks;
  • Developing alternative analyses procedures;
  • Making decisions based on these results and developing an appropriate program;
  • Implementing the program; and
  • Monitoring and reporting results of actions taken.

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