Montana Department of Transportation

Active Project

Rouse-Oak / Story Mill

Crews announced that the Rouse-Oak to Story Mill Road Project will be shut down due to winter weather, starting the week of November 20.

Knife River crews have completed the majority of work in the first three sections of the project, from Oak Street to Birdie Drive. The fourth and final section of the Rouse-Oak/ Story Mill reconstruction project is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2018. Paving from Oak to Birdie has been completed prior to winter shutdown to ensure that the roadway remains drivable throughout the winter season.

To date, in the first three sections, crews have completed road excavation and grading, gravel placement, storm drain installation, curb and gutter installation and asphalt paving. Sidewalks have also been finished in the first two sections. Additionally, deck repair and rail and sidewalk improvements have also been underway on the bridge that spans the East Gallatin River; work on the bridge will be finished in the spring. Topsoil placement, landscape and seeding will also be completed in the spring of 2018 as well as the other items needed to complete the project.

Project Overview

Headed by general contractor, Knife River, work on the Rouse-Oak / Story Mill Bozeman project restarted on Tuesday, April 11.

Construction of this project began on November 16, with minor exploratory excavation and utility location and continued through mid December. The project then shut down for the winter and was scheduled to resume beginning to mid April.

The project will extend on Rouse Avenue from Oak Street north to Story Mill Road and includes multiple improvements, such as widening the road as well as adding a turning lane from Bond Street to Story Mill Road. There will also be the addition of new bike paths, sidewalks and landscaping. Additionally, Knife River will install a new storm drain system, water system, and sanitary sewer system as part of the project.

The overall goal of the Rouse-Oak / Story Mill Bozeman project is to develop a roadway better suited to meet the needs of the Bozeman community. The anticipated completion date for the Rouse-Oak / Story Mill Bozeman project is spring of 2018, weather permitting.