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Traffic Data Collection and Analysis

Annual Reports

Traffic By Sections (TBS) Report

The new TBSections report displays three years of traffic data using MDT's Departmental Route naming protocol (I-90, N-1, P-9, etc.). Referencing and description information, the Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) and the Daily Vehicle Miles of Travel (DVMT) for all vehicles (Types 1-13) is reported for each roadway segment. Truck information is provided where available.

The 2012 TBSections report contains a break for each traffic segment in TDCA's traffic database - as opposed to prior reports which reported weighted traffic data for longer segment breaks spanning numerous traffic segments. The report also includes additional breaks such as county lines and city and urban limits. Unless these jurisdictional breaks coincide with a junction of a road, they don't cause a change in traffic therefore the traffic information can be the same for numerous segments.

The segments in the 2012 report were intentionally not weighted to allow TDCA staff to perform segment level data checks as the report was being developed. Now that the review is complete TDCA will defer to users as to how they would like the data to be displayed in future TBS reports. As expected, reporting roadways by individual roadway segments results in a report that would be too large for publication (2012 On System report contains over 800 pages). If TDCA finds that the majority of users prefer to have a hardcopy TBSections report, traffic segments will be condensed and weighted AADTs will be reported in order to reduce the size of the publication. But, if the majority of users intend to access the data online then the segment by segment traffic data would likely be most useful to users.

TDCA is soliciting user feedback on this issue for the upcoming 2013 TBSections publication. Please provide your comments on the new report and your preference regarding hardcopy versus electronic format to Becky Duke at 406-444-6122 or .

On System TBSections

On System Weighted AADT / DVMT Summary by System Report

NOTE: The legacy 1993 - 2009 reports used MDT's Base Route referencing system. This report ordered and displayed routes based on the first alpha character of the Base Route name (i.e. I0090N, P00001E). This resulted in realigned sections of routes not being reported in the correct order. For example, the realigned portion of Base Route P00034N is now X60629N which means the report wasn't able to display the route as a contiguous route. Due to these issues, the TBSections report was redesigned to report routes using MDT's Departmental Route referencing system.

Traffic Yearly Counts (TYC) Report

This is an annual print out of select data items from the Traffic Yearly Counts (TYC) table. The TYC table, which is the source of the Department's traffic data, contains detailed traffic data including current and historical AADTs, traffic mix (bus, RV, and commercial vehicles), design hour volume (DHV), and future factor by route segment.

NOTE: Currently, this report only contains Base Route referencing therefore the sections of routes that have undergone realignments in the last few years aren't reported in the appropriate order (i.e. the realigned portion of base route P00034N is now X60629N). The report displays routes in alphabetic order therefore the new section of P00034N is reported in the back of the report.

TDCA is working on modifications that will allow data to be reported in Departmental and Corridor route formats.

Annual ATR and WIM reports

The annual ATR and WIM report provides summary traffic data collected from MDT's permanent traffic counters (ATR and WIM sites). The report includes average weekday traffic and average day of week traffic by month, 10th, 20th and 30th (DHV), 50th and 100th highest hours and, where available, vehicle mix percentages (passenger vehicle and small and large truck). The report contains the historical traffic data available for each permanent count site. view reports