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Significant Route Changes associated with the Expanded NHS and decennial Urban Boundary Review have been updated in MDT’s database but are not reflected in these maps. We are currently working on updating all applicable maps. This web map shows all the changes. Please for any questions at 406-444-6103.

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Emergency Project Repair Areas
The map shows locations that experienced significant damage as a result of the statewide flooding event that began in May and continued through June of 2011. The areas highlighted in blue represent Federal Highway Administration Emergency Repair (E.R.) eligible sites where severe damage or complex repairs required MDT to initiate engineering activities and let a construction project. The areas shown in green represent E.R. eligible locations where Maintenance forces completed the restoration work. The red areas denote MDT repair sites that were not eligible for E.R. Program funds and were submitted to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for potential reimbursement.

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