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Montana Reinvestment Act

Montana Reinvestment Act

Billings - 6th Ave North to Bench Blvd


Billings - 6th avenue project map The Billings - 6th Ave North to Bench Blvd - Phase II project is located in Billings, Montana in Yellowstone County on Main Street and Bench Boulevard. Main Street is on the National Highway System Route (US 87/MT 3) and is part of the federally designated high priority corridor known as the Camino Real Corridor. It is located about 7 miles from the Crow Indian Reservation that is categorized as an economically depressed area. Main Street has the highest daily traffic of any street or highway in Montana. It currently has stop and go traffic congestion every day during rush hour.

This project will improve the existing transportation choices by enhancing points of multi-modal connectivity and reducing congestion on existing modal assets. A benefit cost analysis has been performed on the project using FHWA's BCA.NET software that yielded a B/C ratio of 18.73. All funds for this project can easily be expended by the 2012 deadline. Multiple entities are funding this project including Yellowstone County, the City of Billings, the State of Montana and the Federal Highway Administration and has the written support of Governor Schweitzer, Senator Baucus, Senator Tester, Representative Rehberg, Mayor Tussing and the Yellowstone County Commissioners.


Reduce intersection congestion and improve safety for vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle modes of travel.

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$25 million