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Montana Reinvestment Act

Montana Reinvestment Act

MT 85 - Four Corners North


The proposed project would reconstruct and widen an existing two-lane highway segment of Montana Highway 85 (MT 85) also known as Jackrabbit Lane, to a four-lane facility with turn lanes, a center median and signalization at major intersections. The proposed reconstruction of MT 85 includes four 12-foot travel lanes, a 24-foot median with left turn provisions, 8-foot shoulders and a separated bike path. Curb and gutter may be incorporated on portions of this project. The intersection of US 191 and MT 85 will be rebuilt to accommodate two left turn lanes, a southbound through lane, a right turn lane, and two northbound through lanes.

MT 85 connects Belgrade and Interstate 90 (I-90) with Four Corners and US 191 and Montana Highway 84 to the south. These routes form part of the National Highway System (NHS) and are important economic linkages for the United States (US), the region, and Montana. The future condition and function of MT 85 and US 191 play an active role in meeting a number of long-term social and economic needs for the region. MT 85 provides an important north-south transportation route for freight, business, and tourism traffic through southern Montana. The highway connects US 191 with I-90 and acts as a rural "bypass" of the city of Bozeman. The highway is also an important route to the resort towns of Big Sky and West Yellowstone, as well as Yellowstone National Park. The route continues into Idaho (US 20) and connects with Interstate 15 (I-15) south.


Reconstruction of the highway with added capacity to improve safety and reduce congestion

Grant Request

$20.4 million