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Montana Reinvestment Act

Montana Reinvestment Act

US 287 - Townsend South


Townsend project map The US 287 - Townsend South project is a reconstruction of the existing two-lane highway with passing lanes of 8.2 miles of US Highway 287 south of Townsend in Broadwater County, to meet current standards. The proposed project would provide a new two-lane highway with 12-foot travel lanes, and 8-foot shoulders. Additional road widening is proposed in various locations to provide a center median and left turn lanes. Two five-lane passing areas will be constructed. The five-lane passing areas would consist of four travel lanes and a center median/left turn lane.

US 287 provides an important north-south transportation route for freight, business, and tourism traffic through central Montana. Within Montana, the highway connects the resort town of West Yellowstone, Yellowstone National Park, and multiple roads in Idaho (US 20 to Interstate 15 south) with Interstate 15 and US 89 heading to Glacier National Park and Alberta. This road functions as a major component for the regional transportation network.


Reconstruction of roadway with passing lanes to improve safety and bring to current standards.

Grant Request

$14.3 million