Montana Department of Transportation

Montana Department of Transportation


Know Your Signs

Regulatory and warning signs should be used conservatively because overuse loses the effectiveness of the sign’s message.

Advisory Speed Signs

road sign These yellow and black signs are warning signs. Warning signs give notice of a situation that might not be readily apparent. They are used to advise motorists of the safe and comfortable speed under unusual situations. An example might include a winding road sign posted with the an advisory speed sign when traveling a winding road.

Regulatory Speed Limit Signs

road sign A black and white sign is a regulatory sign. Regulatory signs give notice of traffic laws and regulations. It shows the maximum speed a motorist should travel under ideal road conditions. It can be of statutory value or authorized by the Montana Transportation Commission.

School Zone Speed Limit Signs

road sign Local authorities may place a special reduced speed limit for a school zone or school crosswalks. School zone speed limits are often communicated to motorists through the use of variable message speed limit signs. These reduced speed limits are used during periods when children are present. When children are not present or during non-school days the speed limit reverts back to normal.

Work Zone Speed Limits

road sign Work Zone speed limits are short term regulatory speed limits that are established for worker and traveler safety.

Advisory speed limits are used to identify safe speeds for specific conditions within a work zone. Black and orange signs are always used with warning signs.

The FINES DOUBLE plate is black and orange and the speed limit sign is black and white.