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Safe On All Roads (SOAR) Program

SOAR Program Goal and Objectives

The SOAR program goal is to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries on Indian reservations in Montana.

Occupant Protection Objectives

  1. Increase seat belt use
  2. Increase awareness of the value of seat belts
  3. Support education regarding proper use of child safety seats

Impaired Driving Objectives

  1. Reduce incidence of driving impaired
  2. Educate young adults and youth not to ride with a driver who has been drinking

SOAR Activities

  • Training
  • Writing and distribution of news releases
  • Creative development and media campaigns
  • Production and distribution of promotional items
  • Coordination with community agencies and organizations
  • Coalition-building with regional and community leaders
  • Data collection
  • Presentations at schools and meetings
  • Support for law enforcement
  • Advocacy for policy change
  • Facilitation of displays and sponsorships for public events
  • Recruitment of student advocates

Paid media is used judiciously to support community activities, law enforcement efforts, child safety seat clinics and to promote sponsored events. Radio and newspaper are utilized as appropriate. Media penetration varies by reservation; cable television and local access television is used where available.