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February 17, 2017 at 11:24 AM

This report is available by telephone at 511 or 1-800-226-7623. For the hearing impaired, call the TTY number 1-800-335-7592.

For additional information call (406) 444-6372

TRAFFIC FINES DOUBLE in highway work zones. The law also sets fines and jail sentences for reckless endangerment of highway workers.

MINOR DELAYS (up to ten minutes) can be expected through these projects with anything over ten minutes being noted in the description. Watch for equipment, flaggers, and workers along the road. Expect reduced speed limits.

Active Construction Projects

I-15 - Mile Marker 192.2 to 193.1
Helena - Between Capitol Interchange and Cedar Interchange.
The northbound bridge is now open to traffic with no restrictions. The contractor anticipates work to begin on the southbound bridge in the Spring (March). Thank you for your patience during the 2016 construction season.
EXPECT: Reconstruction activities.
MT-24 - Mile Marker 28.5 to 29.5
MT 24 Glasgow to Ophiem.
EXPECT: Reconstruction activities; width restriction of 12 feet; reduced speed of 35 MPH; gravel surface; motorcycles consider another route.
S-249 - Mile Marker 7.4 to 7.7
Blaine Spring Creek - 8 miles south of Ennis.
Work will begin in the intersection of Gravely Range Road and Varney Road.
***Varney Road is closed to through traffic.
EXPECT: Bridge activities; delays up to 15 minutes; detour; loose gravel; gravel surface; rough roadway surface; road closure; intersection work; flaggers; motorcycles consider another route.
US 310 - Mile Marker 42.5 to 52.5
South of Laurel at intersections of Whitehorse South & North Roads and Whitehorse Ranch Road.
EXPECT: Miscellaneous activities.
US-12 - Mile Marker 94 to 94
The re-decking process continues on the northbound lanes of the Madison Street Bridge. The new pier is up and ready for the steel bridge structure to be put in place, which will connect both ends of the bridge.
EXPECT: Bridge activities; single lane closures; traffic controlled by signal lights.
US-89 - Mile Marker 48.9 to 49.8
South of Livingston.
Expect single lane closures and 10 minute delays.
EXPECT: Rock activities; delays up to 10 minutes; flaggers.

Completed Construction Projects

I-15 - Mile Marker 227 to 228 (Completed)
Wolf Creek North.
The northbound driving lane of I-15 between mileposts 227 and 228 will be blocked Tuesday, February 14, 2016 for guardrail repair.
I-15 - Mile Marker 279.5 to 280 (Completed)
between 10th avenue south exit and central avenue west exit.
left lane closed, gaurdrail repair
I-15 - Mile Marker 279.5 to 280 (Completed)
Between 10th Ave S and Central Ave W Exits.
Northbound driving lane of I-15 will be blocked Thursday, February 16th for guardrail repair.
I-90/I-90 - Mile Marker 59 to 59 (Completed)
Culvert on Old Hwy 10 at RP 59 of I 90.
All work Complete
I-94 - Mile Marker 83.7 to 87 (Completed)
EB and WB lanes from Colstrip Interchange going 3.3 miles west.
MT-38 - Mile Marker 28.6 to 28.6 (Completed)
Approximately 25 miles west of the junction with HWY 1 near Philipsburg on the Skalkaho Road..
US-89 - Mile Marker 36.9 to 36.9 (Completed)
Northbound by Priest Butte Lake.
US-93 - Mile Marker 51.7 to 51.9 (Completed)
At the intersection of Hwy 93 and Division St. in Pablo.
US-93/NORTH OF ROCKY PT ROAD - Mile Marker 62.6 to 62.6 (Completed)
North of POLSON.
RESERVE STREET - Mile Marker 0 to .1 (Completed)
Between Brooks ST to 39th ST on South Reserve and between Brooks ST and Pattee Canyon Dr on 39th ST.
MULLAN RD FROM SUPERIOR EAST - Mile Marker 0 to 14.1 (Completed)
East of Superior on Mullan Rd East.

Inactive Construction Projects

I-15 - Mile Marker 12.7 to 12.9 (Inactive)
Three miles south of Lima.
Project is inactive until chip seal next spring.
I-15 - Mile Marker 108.7 to 109.1 (Inactive)
Divide Rest Area.
I-15 - Mile Marker 153 to 159 (Inactive)
Butte Horizontal Curve Signing.
I-15 - Mile Marker 205 to 209 (Inactive)
Bottom of North Hill - Helena.
This project is currently inactive. Workers are moving jersey rail.
***There are no restrictions at this time.
I-15 - Mile Marker 225 to 245 (Inactive)
1 Mile South of Wolf Creek Interchange to 2 Miles South of Hardy Creek Interchange.
Project is inactive until next spring.
I-15 - Mile Marker 274.2 to 274.2 (Inactive)
Mile Marker 274.2 South of Great Falls.
Project is substantially complete.
I-15 - Mile Marker 396 to 396 (Inactive)
Mile Marker 398 at Sweetgrass.
Project is substantially complete.
I-90 - Mile Marker 0 to 1 (Inactive)
This is an Idaho DOT construction project and has been suspended for the winter.
Project WEB Site: Idaho Transportation Department
I-90 - Mile Marker 14.5 to 29.6 (Inactive)
Drexel - East and West.
This project is currently inactive.
I-90 - Mile Marker 38 to 39 (Inactive)
WB Lane E of St Regis.
Work suspended at this time.
I-90/ORANGE STREET - Mile Marker 104.5 to 104.9 (Inactive)
Orange Street Interchange.
I-90/I-15 - Mile Marker 225.2 to 226 (Inactive)
Butte Interchange.
Project inactive till spring 2017.
Detours are no longer in effect.
I-90 - Mile Marker 390.5 to 410 (Inactive)
Reed Point-Columbus Area, Various locations on I-90..
I-90 - Mile Marker 398.5 to 408.3 (Inactive)
West of Columbus, east and westbound lanes..
Chip seal scheduled for summer 2017.
I-90 - Mile Marker 456.6 to 484.5 (Inactive)
East of Billings and extending east to the West Hardin Interchange.
No work at this time.
I-90 - Mile Marker 480 to 517.5 (Inactive)
East of Billings M.P 469.8 & Hardin Area.
Punch list to be completed pending weather.
MT-117 - Mile Marker 0 to 12 (Inactive)
Fort Peck - Northeast.
MT-135 - Mile Marker 19.5 to 20.5 (Inactive)
Going south west on HWY 135 from the Intersection of HWY 200 east of Paradise between MM 19.5 and 20.5..
Work involves guardail, signing and delineation. Beginning on Thursday, January 26, 2017 crews will be working between 7:30 AM and 5:00 PM. There will not be any work done on Friday or Monday and will then resume on Tuesday. Work should be finished on Tuesday January 31 at 5:00 PM.
MT-2/HARRISON AVENUE - Mile Marker 83.3 to 86.5 (Inactive)
Harrison Avenue - South.
Inactive until spring 2017.
MT-200/N-24 - Mile Marker .1 to .5 (Inactive)
MT 200 & Old Hwy 10-Bonner.
MT-200 - Mile Marker 220.5 to 230.2 (Inactive)
7 miles east of Jordan continuing 10 miles east.
Gravel surface from MP 226.9 to 230.2 over winter.
MT-287 - Mile Marker 1.2 to 1.2 (Inactive)
MT-43 - Mile Marker 8.9 to 10.2 (Inactive)
17 miles west of Wisdom (Trail Creek).
This project is inactive until Spring of 2017.
MT-7 - Mile Marker 15.8 to 23.7 (Inactive)
12.3 miles south of Baker continuing 8 miles south..
MT-80 - Mile Marker 43.1 to 48.7 (Inactive)
Arrow Creek Slide Repair - 18 miles North of Stanford.
Project is INACTIVE.
MT-80 - Mile Marker 66.5 to 67.1 (Inactive)
Stanford Downtown.
Punch list work remaining, all restrictions have been removed from this project.
MT-86 - Mile Marker .9 to 2.1 (Inactive)
Rouse-Oak / Story Mill - Bozeman.
MT-87 - Mile Marker 0 to 8.6 (Inactive)
Reynold's Pass North.
S-109/KALISPELL BYPASS - Mile Marker 2.5 to 5.2 (Inactive)
North of US-2, West of KALISPELL.
Work has been suspended.
Project WEB Site: Kalispell Bypass
S-238 - Mile Marker .4 to 7.2 (Inactive)
Lewistown Southeast (Upper Springcreek Road) Secondary 238.
Winter shutdown
S-336 - Mile Marker 0 to 7.8 (Inactive)
15 miles north of Baker.
S-345 - Mile Marker 10.1 to 10.8 (Inactive)
Patterson and South 19th, Bozeman.
No construction operations scheduled this week.
S-379/16TH ROAD NE - Mile Marker 0 to 14.1 (Inactive)
Dutton East 14 Miles.
Winter shutdown. No work until further notice.
S-430/CANYON FERRY DRIVE - Mile Marker .5 to 1 (Inactive)
.5 miles past the York Road intersection.
Work is temporarily suspended.
S-432 - Mile Marker 27.2 to 46.5 (Inactive)
Crack Sealing Project on South Rudyard Road.
Crack sealing--On hold due to weather.
S-568 - Mile Marker 27.8 to 27.8 (Inactive)
Fly Creek Bridge is located 0.5 miles east of the town of Pompey's Pillar and 10 miles west of Waco..
No work at this time.
S-569 - Mile Marker 14 to 18.5 (Inactive)
3.6 miles from the junction with MT-43 and extends north 4.1 miles to mm 18.5 (Moose Creek Road).
US-191 - Mile Marker 0 to 7 (Inactive)
From the Junction of MT 3 & US 191 near Harlowton going north seven miles.
Project is INACTIVE.
US-191 - Mile Marker 7 to 18.5 (Inactive)
7 Miles N of US-2 on US-191.
US-2/JCT ROSE CROSSING - Mile Marker 125.4 to 125.8 (Inactive)
Work is temporarily suspended.
US-2 - Mile Marker 161 to 161.3 (Inactive)
Deerlick Creek Bridge, East of WEST GLACIER.
Project temporarily suspended.
US-2 - Mile Marker 223.7 to 223.7 (Inactive)
Mile Marker 223.7 East of Browning at Junction of US-89.
Project is substantially complete.
US-2 - Mile Marker 254.6 to 256 (Inactive)
Cut Bank-Urban.
Work complete until Spring/Summer 2017.
US-20 - Mile Marker 0 to 9.4 (Inactive)
Targhee Pass.
No construction at this time.
US-287 - Mile Marker 0 to 7.2 (Inactive)
Quake Lake Road.
US-310/US-212 - Mile Marker 54.7 to 54.8 (Inactive)
Railroad underpass in Laurel beginning at intersection of 1st Avenue and Railroad Street extending north to 1st Avenue and Main Street..
US-87 - Mile Marker .1 to 2 (Inactive)
Billings Area-Bench Boulevard beginning at Hilltop Road and proceeds north to the intersection of Pemberton Lane..
Winter shut down
US-87/US 191 / MT 200 - Mile Marker 79 to 81.1 (Inactive)
Lewistown West - Overpass.
Winter Shutdown
US-87/LEWISTOWN WALKING PATHS - Mile Marker 80 to 82.5 (Inactive)
City Loop Walking Paths - Abandoned Railroad.
US-87/US 191 / MT 200 - Mile Marker 81.4 to 81.5 (Inactive)
Lewistown West - Sidewalks.
Sidewalk work from 15th street to 13th street is INACTIVE.
US-87/US 191 / MT 200 - Mile Marker 81.5 to 82.8 (Inactive)
Lewistown Downtown Sidewalks.
US-87 - Mile Marker 82 to 82 (Inactive)
Lewistown Main Street - ADA Corners from 1st to 5th Avenue.
US-89 - Mile Marker 5.6 to 9.9 (Inactive)
East of Kiowa-East.
Winter shutdown in effect starting January 25th.
US-93/RESERVE ST - Mile Marker 0 to .1 (Inactive)
Between Brooks and McDonald St. on Reserve.
There will be periodic closures while modifications are made to the bridge. These should be done at night between 9:00 PM and 5:30 AM.
US-93 - Mile Marker 36.7 to 37.5 (Inactive)
North of St. Ignatius on Hwy 93 and Red Horn Rd..
US-93 - Mile Marker 46.6 to 47.9 (Inactive)
Hamilton City Limits.
US-93 - Mile Marker 83.2 to 90.9 (Inactive)
US-93 - Mile Marker 83.4 to 84 (Inactive)
Lolo city limits.
US-93/JCT MT-40 - Mile Marker 125.2 to 125.6 (Inactive)
Project temporarily suspended.
24TH AVE S FROM 13TH TO 17TH S - Mile Marker 0 to 0 (Inactive)
South Central Arterial-Great Falls: 24th Ave S from 13th St to 17th St.
Road construction complete. Chip seal and final paint markings are anticipated July 2017. Open for normal traffic operations.
WEST FRONTAGE ROAD - Mile Marker 8.9 to 9.3 (Inactive)
1 mile north of Crow Agency.
Punch list items to be completed pending weather.