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February 10, 2016 at 07:16 AM

This report is available by telephone at 511 or 1-800-226-7623. For the hearing impaired, call the TTY number 1-800-335-7592.

For additional information call (406) 444-6372

TRAFFIC FINES DOUBLE in highway work zones. The law also sets fines and jail sentences for reckless endangerment of highway workers.

MINOR DELAYS (up to ten minutes) can be expected through these projects with anything over ten minutes being noted in the description. Watch for equipment, flaggers, and workers along the road. Expect reduced speed limits.

Active Construction Projects

I-15 - Mile Marker 108.7 to 109.1
Divide Rest Area.
Construction of new rest area facilities. The current rest area will be closed until completion of the new rest area(s) in November 2015. There will be work along the shoulders.
EXPECT: Reconstruction activities.
I-15 - Mile Marker 192.2 to 193.1
Helena - Between Capitol Interchange and Cedar Interchange.
Wide loads over 12 feet will need to be piloted through the project site by the sub-contractor, Mountain West Holding Co. Please call 48 hours in advance 406-490-8390 Monday through Friday 8am-5pm to schedule safe passage. All wide loads over 12 feet are required to wait at the wide load staging areas which are located just South of the I-15 Northbound Capitol Interchange off ramp and North of the I-15 Southbound Custer Interchange off ramp. MWHC will provide safe passage over the bridge between 9am and 11am Monday through Thursday
EXPECT: Bridge activities; width restriction of 12 feet; reduced speed of 45 MPH; single lane traffic.
I-90 - Mile Marker 298.8 to 300.2
East Belgrade Interchange - North.
Guard rail, East Bound, at milepost 300.
EXPECT: Miscellaneous activities; reduced speed of 35 MPH; single lane closures.
I-90 - Mile Marker 357 to 398
East and west bound lanes beginning west of Big Timber extending east..
WIDTH RESTRICTIONS AND SPECIAL CONDITIONS: Effective April 15, 2016, width will be restricted to 12'. Wide loads exceeding 12' up to 13'6" in width must call Poteet Construction between 6 am and 8 pm at 406-830-5076 to check current conditions which may require being escorted through the project. Loads requiring escorts may stage at Columbus Interchange (westbound) and Springdale Interchange (eastbound). Escorting will occur Monday-Friday between 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Mountain Standard Time. Loads exceeding 13'6" wide may contact Poteet Construction between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. at 406-830-5076 before traveling to make special arrangements to be escorted on a case by case basis. Documentation from Poteet Construction must be provided in order to receive trip permits or consider using and alternate route.
EXPECT: Miscellaneous activities; width restriction of 12 feet.
MT-200 - Mile Marker 55.9 to 56.9
Thompson River - East.
Expect narrow lanes.
EXPECT: Bridge activities; delays up to 15 minutes; reduced speed of 35 MPH; single lane traffic.
MT-41 - Mile Marker 15 to 15
Near Beaver River Bridge (approx.15 miles North of Dillon).
Bore drilling activities will take place Monday February 8 thru Thursday February 18. Work is scheduled Mon - Thur 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
***Oversized loads are free to travel Friday thru Sunday, if allowed for travel.
EXPECT: Miscellaneous activities; width restriction of 10 feet; single lane traffic; flaggers.
MT-78 - Mile Marker .5 to 5.1
Northwest of Red Lodge.
Paving has been completed. Topsoil, seeding and signing work is in progress.
EXPECT: Reconstruction activities.
S-109/KALISPELL BYPASS - Mile Marker 2.5 to 5.2
North of US-2, West of KALISPELL.
Work continues off of the roadway. Watch for equipment entering and leaving the roadway. Traffic may be impacted periodically, depending on the weather and operations. The Two Mile Drive detour is open to traffic.
Project WEB Site: Kalispell Bypass
EXPECT: Miscellaneous activities; detour; traffic controlled by signal lights; flaggers.
S-424/TWIN BRIDGES ROAD - Mile Marker 16.4 to 16.4
Crews continue work on the side of the road and around the guardrails, as time and weather permit, and hope to finish today, Wednesday the 10th.
EXPECT: Shoulder activities; loose gravel; reduced speed of 35 MPH; single lane traffic; flaggers.
S-568 - Mile Marker 27.8 to 27.8
Fly Creek Bridge is located 0.5 miles east of the town of Pompey's Pillar and 10 miles west of Waco..
Reconstruction work is now back in progress. The detour is open with a reduced speed and WIDTH RESTRICTION OF 14 FEET.
EXPECT: Bridge activities; width restriction of 14 feet; detour; reduced speed of 35 MPH; road closure.
US-12 - Mile Marker 11.4 to 20.8
11 miles east of Townsend - Deep Creek.
To report roadway and or traffic control concerns please feel free to contact the Prime Contractor-Schellinger Construction-Mark Cyr (406)892-2188, Nate Malmin Operations Engineer (406)471-2335, or Traffic Control-Mountain West Holding Company-Keith Johnston (406)490-9210
EXPECT: Sign installation activities; reduced speed of 35 MPH.
US-2 - Mile Marker 217 to 219
Crack Sealing on US2 MP 217-219 Wednesday & Thursday.
From 8 am. to 2:30 p.m. each day
EXPECT: Crack sealing activities; delays up to 10 minutes; reduced speed of 35 MPH; pilot cars; single lane closures; flaggers.
US-212 - Mile Marker 64 to 70.5
Red Lodge 8th Street to Robinson.
EXPECT: Sign installation activities.

Completed Construction Projects

I-15 - Mile Marker 0 to 23 (Completed)
I-15 State Line To Dell Interchange, South Bound and North Bound Lanes.
I-15 - Mile Marker .3 to 1 (Completed)
Iron Street in Butte.
I-15 - Mile Marker 121.6 to 124 (Completed)
Rocker Climbing Lane.
I-15 - Mile Marker 130 to 133.7 (Completed)
Butte-Elk Park.
Project is complete.
I-15 - Mile Marker 133.7 to 142.4 (Completed)
7-14 miles north of Butte (Elk Park).
Project is complete
I-15 - Mile Marker 146.2 to 147.8 (Completed)
Rockfall - North Elk Park.
I-15 - Mile Marker 287.1 to 287.1 (Completed)
Just North of the Manchester Interchange.
I-15 - Mile Marker 354.3 to 365.6 (Completed)
I-15 North and South of Shelby.
I-90 - Mile Marker 45 to 47 (Completed)
West of the Superior Interchange.
I-90 - Mile Marker 322 to 323.5 (Completed)
East of Bozeman Hill.
I-90 - Mile Marker 341 to 354 (Completed)
Springdale - West.
Project is complete.
I-94 - Mile Marker 242.7 to 243.1 (Completed)
East of Wibaux.
MT-2 - Mile Marker 68.3 to 80.3 (Completed)
MT-200 - Mile Marker 83 to 85 (Completed)
West of S-135 on MT-200.
MT-35 - Mile Marker 31.5 to 31.5 (Completed)
MT-66 - Mile Marker 16.6 to 22.4 (Completed)
Little Peoples Creek/MT 11-1.
MT-7 - Mile Marker 79.2 to 79.2 (Completed)
South of Wibaux.
MT-84 - Mile Marker 0 to 29 (Completed)
Norris To Four Corners.
This segment has been completed.
S-232 - Mile Marker 2.9 to 4.1 (Completed)
North of Havre.
S-278 - Mile Marker 3.2 to 3.6 (Completed)
West of I-15 on Secondary 278.
S-518 - Mile Marker .6 to .8 (Completed)
East of Montana City.
US-2 - Mile Marker 384 to 386.6 (Completed)
Havre to Approx 2.5 Miles East.
US-287 - Mile Marker 14 to 14 (Completed)
Raynolds Pass Rest Area.
US-87 - Mile Marker 76.7 to 76.9 (Completed)
Southwest of Lewistown.
US-89 - Mile Marker .5 to .5 (Completed)
Vaughn Interchange.
Northbound Driving lane is going to be closed for approximately 3 hours working on the Cattleguard.
US-89 - Mile Marker 11 to 12.9 (Completed)
2 miles NW of Sun River.
Project Complete
US-89/US-87/89 (10TH AVE S) - Mile Marker 90.3 to 95.7 (Completed)
Great Falls 10th Ave S From 57th St S to Fox Farm Rd.
Project work complete.

Inactive Construction Projects

I-15 - Mile Marker 1.4 to 1.7 (Inactive)
1 mile North of Monida and extends .3 miles northwest along interstate route.
Project is inactive until the spring.
I-15 - Mile Marker 142.4 to 150.3 (Inactive)
Elk Park.
Project inactive till spring.
I-15 - Mile Marker 153 to 159 (Inactive)
Butte Horizontal Curve Signing.
I-15 - Mile Marker 205 to 209 (Inactive)
Bottom of North Hill - Helena.
This project is currently inactive.
***There are no restrictions at this time.
I-15 - Mile Marker 217.5 to 221 (Inactive)
1 Mile North of Sieben to Lyons Creek Parking Area.
Work is suspended until Spring 2016
I-15 - Mile Marker 301.4 to 309.2 (Inactive)
Power - North and South.
No work this week.
I-90 - Mile Marker 0 to 1 (Inactive)
Project is in winter shutdown.
***This is an Idaho DOT construction project***
Work will take place between milepost 67.9 and 73.9, in Idaho.
Contact for the Idaho DOT is (208) 772-1200 or visit their website.
Project WEB Site: Idaho Transportation Department
I-90 - Mile Marker 74 to 85 (Inactive)
Alberton Interchange to Huson Interchange.
Work is temporarily suspended
I-90 - Mile Marker 85 to 85 (Inactive)
Huson Interchange.
Project is currently inactive.
I-90 - Mile Marker 390.5 to 410 (Inactive)
Reed Point-Columbus Area, Various locations on I-90..
I-90 - Mile Marker 416.9 to 432.1 (Inactive)
10 miles west of Park City on I-90 and extends east 15.3 miles..
I-90 - Mile Marker 456.6 to 484.5 (Inactive)
East of Billings and extending east to the West Hardin Interchange.
I-94 - Mile Marker 83.7 to 87 (Inactive)
EB and WB lanes from Colstrip Interchange going 3.3 miles west.
I-94 - Mile Marker 163.4 to 169.7 (Inactive)
Praire county line east.
I-94 - Mile Marker 169.8 to 178 (Inactive)
Terry east and west.
MT-1 - Mile Marker 7.2 to 10.1 (Inactive)
City Limits of Anaconda.
MT-117 - Mile Marker 0 to 12 (Inactive)
Fort Peck - Northeast.
MT-16 - Mile Marker 0 to 1.1 (Inactive)
In Culbertson.
Work is temporarily suspended
MT-16 - Mile Marker 36.6 to 37.5 (Inactive)
West Holly Street from Central Ave. to 22nd Ave..
MT-16 - Mile Marker 36.7 to 37.7 (Inactive)
West Holly Street in Sidney.
Work is temporarily suspended
MT-16 - Mile Marker 73.8 to 81.4 (Inactive)
2 miles north and 5.5 miles south of Froid.
MT-200 - Mile Marker 75.8 to 83.1 (Inactive)
3 miles east of Lincoln and continuing east 7.2 miles.
No work scheduled
MT-23 - Mile Marker 4.7 to 7.5 (Inactive)
4 miles south east of Sidney on MT-23.
MT-28 - Mile Marker 0 to 10 (Inactive)
Between Plains and Hot Springs.
Project is in winter shutdown
MT-28 - Mile Marker 10 to 16.3 (Inactive)
This project is temporarily inactive.
MT-47 - Mile Marker 1.1 to 2.3 (Inactive)
Hardin North-Whitman Coulee is located on HWY 47 at milepost 1.15 extending north 1.2 miles to milepost 2.37 in Big Horn County.
MT-69 - Mile Marker 6.2 to 38.8 (Inactive)
Whitehall to Boulder, actual mm 0.0-31.7.
Project is currently inactive.
Width restriction 10' tentatively scheduled for spring 2016.
MT-7 - Mile Marker 15.8 to 23.7 (Inactive)
12.3 miles south of Baker to 20.2 miles south of Baker.
Winter shutdown
MT-78 - Mile Marker 26.8 to 29.8 (Inactive)
South of Junction S-419 - Stillwater County.
MT-80 - Mile Marker 43.1 to 48.7 (Inactive)
Arrow Creek Slide Repair - 18 miles North of Stanford.
Project is INACTIVE until spring 2016
S-203 - Mile Marker 9.8 to 11.9 (Inactive)
Florence East.
S-212 - Mile Marker 11.1 to 14.5 (Inactive)
Shoulder widening for curves
S-238 - Mile Marker .4 to 7.2 (Inactive)
Lewistown Southeast (Upper Springcreek Road) Secondary 238.
This project is INACTIVE until spring 2016. Travelers should expect reduced speeds and a rough roadway surface.
S-254 - Mile Marker 25.5 to 31.5 (Inactive)
2 miles north of Bloomfield.
S-269 - Mile Marker .4 to 6.2 (Inactive)
Corvallis and Hamilton city limits.
Project is currently inactive.
S-269 - Mile Marker 21.1 to 21.3 (Inactive)
Ravalli County (Stevensville Cutoff Road).
S-279/FLESHER PASS - Mile Marker 30.4 to 38.8 (Inactive)
Flesher Pass - North.
No work scheduled this week.
S-487/WISCONSIN AVENUE - Mile Marker 2.6 to 2.6 (Inactive)
1/2 mile North of US-93, WHITEFISH.
Work suspended until Chip Seal is scheduled in 2016
S-569 - Mile Marker 14 to 18.5 (Inactive)
3.6 miles from the junction with MT-43 and extends north 4.1 miles to mm 18.5 (Moose Creek Road).
There will be no active construction until a later date.
Project in winter shutdown.
Reconstruction, loose gravel, and reduced speed will still be in effect until construction resumes.
US-12 - Mile Marker 7 to 31 (Inactive)
Work is temporarily suspended
US-12 - Mile Marker 49.8 to 55.6 (Inactive)
US-12/US-287 Helena to Three Forks.
Inactive till sping.
US-12 - Mile Marker 68.2 to 68.3 (Inactive)
Copper Creek Bridge.
Project inactive until next spring.
US-12 - Mile Marker 77.2 to 82.6 (Inactive)
Baker to 6 miles west of Baker.
US-12 - Mile Marker 99.2 to 100.3 (Inactive)
Harlowton Sidewalks.
Project is INACTIVE until spring 2016.
US-12 - Mile Marker 165.6 to 166 (Inactive)
Pole Creek - 3 miles SW of Roundup.
The new bridge is open. Work is complete and project is now INACTIVE until spring 2016.
US-191 - Mile Marker 0 to 8 (Inactive)
North of Big Timber.
US-191 - Mile Marker 0 to 7 (Inactive)
From the Junction of MT 3 & US 191 near Harlowton going north seven miles.
Project is INACTIVE until spring 2016.
US-191 - Mile Marker 7 to 18.5 (Inactive)
7 Miles N of US-2 on US-191.
US-2 - Mile Marker 99 to 100.7 (Inactive)
This project is in winter shut-down until Spring, 2016.
US-2/JUNCTION MT-40 - Mile Marker 133.8 to 134.2 (Inactive)
This project is in winter shut-down.
US-2 - Mile Marker 135.4 to 135.4 (Inactive)
East of Meadow Lake Blvd. in COLUMBIA FALLS.
Work has been temporarily suspended.
US-2 - Mile Marker 161 to 161.3 (Inactive)
Deerlick Creek Bridge, East of WEST GLACIER.
Work has been suspended for the winter, but the reduced speed limit within the work zone will remain.
US-212//US-310 - Mile Marker 42.4 to 43.6 (Inactive)
US-212 - Mile Marker 92 to 97 (Inactive)
12 miles south east of Broadus to 17 miles south east of Broadus.
US-287 - Mile Marker 16 to 17 (Inactive)
Hebgen Lake - Erosion Repair.
Watch for haul trucks entering on US-191 milepost 45.5 and on US-287 milepost 16.5
Two way traffic will resume at the end of each work day.
US-287 - Mile Marker 89.1 to 94.6 (Inactive)
South of Toston on US-12 and State Route 287.
Inactive until final striping.
US-310 - Mile Marker 52 to 53.1 (Inactive)
South of Laurel-Railroad Overpass.
US-310/US-212 - Mile Marker 54.7 to 54.8 (Inactive)
Railroad underpass in Laurel beginning at intersection of 1st Avenue and Railroad Street extending north to 1st Avenue and Main Street..
US-87 - Mile Marker 0 to .1 (Inactive)
Billings Area-Bench Boulevard beginning near Pemberton Lane continuing through the intersection with Highway 87 or Main Street..
US-87 - Mile Marker 37 to 38 (Inactive)
Kershaw Turn Lanes 2 miles south of Fort Benton.
Pending final coat of paint which will take place in a few weeks.
US-87 - Mile Marker 89 to 111.1 (Inactive)
Box Elder - North.
Pending Guardrail replacement.
US-89 - Mile Marker 0 to 5.6 (Inactive)
Browning and 5 Miles West.
Project is suspended until Spring/Summer 2016.
US-89 - Mile Marker 0 to 9.7 (Inactive)
North of White Sulphur Springs.
Inactive until chip seal in the summer of 2016.
US-89 - Mile Marker 59.6 to 62.5 (Inactive)
Pendroy North and South.
Work Suspended till Spring.
US-89 - Mile Marker 73.8 to 77.6 (Inactive)
Belt North and South Phase 2.
Work to resume next summer, 2016.
US-93 - Mile Marker 38.7 to 46 (Inactive)
Charlos Heights - South of Hamilton.
US-93/2ND STREET W - Mile Marker 128.5 to 129.7 (Inactive)
West of WHITEFISH, from Karrow to Mountainside.
This project is in winter shut-down until Spring 2016.
Project WEB Site: Karrow to Mountainside