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A Dream Come True: Flying in a B-17

Feature Story - A Dream Come True: Flying in a B-17
B-17 Flight Passengers

As the World War II era heavy bomber idles toward the runway, the four massive radial engines can be heard through the uninsulated fuselage, and felt in the seat of one’s pants. Through the windy din, a passenger asks Crewman Kevin “K5” Michels when we should put in our issued earplugs. With an impish smile and a knowing nod, Michels replies “you’ll know when!” With that, the pilot advanced the throttles of the 1,200 horsepower per engine, and we were racing down the centerline for take-off. It was time for earplugs!

The next twenty-five minutes afforded the 8 passengers an opportunity to explore this venerable old B-17, known as “Texas Raiders.”

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