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Growing Aviation Through Education

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Left to right Lance Seaman, Becky Rogenes, Amber Lee , and Grace Carroll

High school students from Opheim, along with their math and computer science teacher, Becky Rogenes, were at the Helena airport on March 24th to make introductory flights with local Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 334 in the Young Eagle program. Becky teaches math and computer science to 7-12 graders in Opheim, and attended the MDT Aeronautics Division Teacher’s Workshop last October held at the Montana Learning Center at Canyon Ferry Lake. The teacher’s professional development training included an hour of flight training in Cessna airplanes and ground school activities such as cross country flight planning using E6-B computers, plotters, and sectional charts. Ms. Rogenes now incorporates these activities in her classroom with pre-calculus students as an example of using vectors.

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