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Cow Creek Airstrip Closed Until July 1st

Feature Story - Cow Creek Airstrip Closed Until July 1st
Pilots Don Hartrich (left) and Allen Metzler (right) work to install jack-leg fencing last fall at the Cow Creek airstrip to prevent vehicle traffic from rutting the runway.

Cow Creek airstrip, CW0, located 48 miles southeast of Big Sandy in the Missouri Breaks National Monument has been Notamed closed until July 1st for improvements to the runway. In a textbook example of public/private cooperation to maintain Montana aviation assets, the Central Montana Hangar of the Montana Pilots Association (MPA) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have successfully completed the initial phases of the project. The problem was ruts on the runway caused by truck traffic during wet weather. The slight grade of the runway resulted in water erosion, which exacerbated the condition and made the runway hazardous for airplanes. The BLM purchased and delivered to the airstrip gate and fencing material, and volunteer labor from the MPA installed fencing on one end of the runway, which was successful in preventing vehicle traffic from driving on the runway last fall during hunting season.

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