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Airway Beacons featured in the Wall Street Journal

Feature Story - Art Contest Awards Ceremony Held in Helena
Mike Rogan performing maintenance on the MacDonald Pass Beacon.

Mike Rogan from our office was contacted a couple of months ago by Susan Carey who is the aviation reporter for the Wall Street Journal, concerning the last remaining Airway Beacon system in the world which happens to be owned and operated by the MDT Aeronautics Division. Susan was fascinated by the system and was able to convince her editor to allow her to travel from Chicago to Montana to conduct interviews about the system. Mike made arrangements to take Susan on a routine beacon maintenance trip to the MacDonald Pass beacon. John Boughton who is the National Register Coordinator and Kate Hampton, Community Preservation Coordinator at the State Historic Preservation Office of the Montana Historical Society, joined them to document what maintenance is done to keep the beacons on for the flying public. Continue reading

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