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Higgins Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation

Project Overview

Higgins Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation Open House
November 13 | 4 – 6 pm | Residence Inn at the Merc
Project staff will be on hand to answer questions about construction impacts, timeline and final bridge plans. Call the MDT Hotline at 406-207-4484 for more information.

The Higgins Avenue Bridge provides access to the heart of downtown for students, residents and visitors to the Garden City. Whether you’re heading to the Hip Strip on foot, cruising to Out to Lunch on your bike, or driving to a meeting downtown, the Higgins Avenue Bridge is a key connector for all modes of transportation.

The Montana Department of Transportation is rehabilitating the Higgins Avenue Bridge to make this a safer and more spacious bridge for everyone. Construction is scheduled to begin in early 2020.

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The Higgins Avenue Bridge is deteriorating. Rehabilitation is necessary to extend the life of the bridge. The deck concrete is distressed and needs to be replaced, the steel structure elements need repair and/or replacement, and the entire steel portion of the bridge needs a new protective coating of paint.

The bridge now carries far more bicyclists and pedestrians than can be comfortably accommodated. While the bridge is safe for use now, MDT has prioritized rehabilitation of the bridge so it remains in safe condition.

The Montana Department of Transportation, Federal Highways Administration and the City of Missoula are committed to good stewardship of the Higgins Avenue Bridge.

The Higgins Bridge is safe to use, and is inspected every two years. The Higgins Avenue Bridge rehabilitation will make necessary improvements to the bridge long before it would become unsafe for the public to use.

Project Location Map

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