Every time you put fuel in your vehicle, motorcycle, truck or airplane, the price per gallon of fuel includes fuel taxes. Those taxes are collected and remitted to the state of Montana. The monies are used to support and maintain a safe transportation system across Montana.

Road & Bridge Funding in Montana

Montana's roads & bridges are mainly funded through a combination of federal (88.5%) and state/local (11.5%) funding sources. MDT receives no funding from Montana's general fund revenue.

Federal road & bridge revenues are generated from the users of our highways through gasoline and diesel fuel taxes and apportioned to states through federal highway legislation. State road & bridge revenues are generated through fuel taxes, gross vehicle weight fees, and other related fees.


Report Fuel Tax Evasion

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Fuel Tax Refunds

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Montana Fuel Tax Information

Alcohol Tax Incentive, Biodiesel Tax Information, Contractors, Distributor Reporting, Distributor Licensing & Bonding, General Fuel Tax Questions, Fuel Tax Laws, and Fuel Tax Legislation

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For Appeals, please call:

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Dyed Fuel Toll-free Tip Line

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International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

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