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Plans & Studies

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Urban Area Plans and Maps

Take a tour of the Montana Urban Areas and view their respective planning documents and Urban Area maps.

Urban Area Plans and Maps


Transportation Plans

Transportation plans provide state, local, and tribal governments with a valuable way to determine and address future transportation needs in their jurisdictions based on public input and technical analysis.

Local Transportation Plans

Other Plans

Community Safety Plans
Montana Freight Plan
Montana Rail Plan
Montana Rest Area Plan
Montana Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan
Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

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Corridor Planning and Other Studies

MDT uses corridor planning studies to determine cost-effective ways to address corridor transportation needs.

Corridor Planning Studies
Mapped Study Locations

Environmental Studies

Environmental studies determine affects on the social, economic or natural environment and may result in the preparation of an Environmental Assessment (EA) or Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Finalized EIS EA Documents

Feasibility Studies

Feasibilities studies are used to determine the practicability, constructability, and level of impact of proposed projects.

Feasibility Studies

Disparity Study

Off-System Bridge Study and Implementation Plan

You may use the online comment form to comment on a study or project. Email & phone numbers are also on each study or project page.

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View completed studies and projects.

The project you're looking for may not have a webpage. See if it's on the STIP or check the Construction Report. You can find active construction project details on the on the interactive Travinfo Map.

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