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Fairview – West (Phase II)

Fairview West
STPP 201-2(14)64
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Project Overview

Phase 1 feasibility studies are complete. Phase 2 (engineering) was initiated fall 2017. The project's primary objective is to complete improvements to MT Highway 201 from approximate Reference Marker (RM) 63.6 east to MT Highway 200. This is due to the influx in traffic in the region, particularly the high proportion of heavy trucks using the roadway, and the desire to improve safety by bringing the roadway up to current design criteria. A secondary objective is to alleviate the impacts of additional traffic and trucks within the Town of Fairview. To meet the needs and objectives, alternatives were considered during Phase 1 to create a new MT 201 alignment to intersect MT 200 north of Fairview. The preliminary project limits can be viewed in the link below. The new eastern alignment north of Fairview will be refined as engineering design is undertaken, and as intersection layout options are considered.

The project's proposed scope of work includes:

  • Fully reconstructing MT 201 to current design criteria
  • Developing a new MT 201 alignment to MT 200 north of Fairview
  • Widening MT 201 to include a 32' paved top, with two travel lanes (one each direction) and 4' wide shoulders
  • Constructing the road base to accommodate a future 36' top width highway
  • Providing safer roadside slopes significantly flatter than the existing highway slopes
  • Installing new signs; centerline and shoulder rumble strips
  • Building new structures to accommodate the Second Hay Creek and Third Hay Creek highway crossings and spanning the Lower Yellowstone Project Main Canal along the new easterly alignment north of Fairview

Engineering and planning for highway reconstruction typically involves three distinct stages. The first stage is Survey to gather data. Phase 1 feasibility studies initiated this stage. Some of the resources that have been surveyed and studied to-date under Phase 2 are documented in reports that can be accessed in the links on this page. Additional reports will be posted as they become available. The Survey stage will conclude with a preliminary highway design to establish the project scope of work. The project anticipates the Survey stage to be complete in the fall 2018.

The second stage, Design engineering, will start after the scope of work is established. The project's engineering design should require about 10 months and finish in summer 2019.

After the Design stage, the Right-of-Way stage develops final engineered plans and a detailed determination of new right-of-way requirements. The details of new right-of-way will be available after the Design stage. The project will be readied for construction once right-of-way negotiations with affected property owners are complete. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2021.

How can I stay informed?

Refer to this site for upcoming public involvement notices as they become available. Notices will also be distributed to those on the project's mailing list. MDT encourages members of the public to join the project's mailing list by submitting contact information to Tom Cavanaugh via or by submitting a comment using the online comment form.

Information will be published on this website, in local media venues, and via newsletters throughout the project development process.