Roundabouts are a safer alternative to stop signs or stop lights because they significantly reduce fatal and serious injury crashes. Stop signs and lights depend on driver judgment and attention, while the roundabout design significantly reduces those impacts.

In addition, the circular design of a roundabout virtually eliminates the deadliest forms of crashes, T-Bone and head-on style crashes. Roundabouts also reduce rear-end collisions because traffic must slow down to enter. Vehicles, especially trucks, cannot navigate roundabouts at high speeds. Simply put, roundabouts save lives.

Roundabouts installed at high-speed rural intersection have been shown to:

Fairview West Improvements Roundabouts image

Roundabouts work well at intersections like the junction of MT 201/MT 200, where traffic volumes fluctuate throughout the day. By eliminating the need for vehicles to come to a complete stop, roundabouts promote continuous traffic flow during all hours. Drivers simply slow down, look to their left, and merge into the roundabout before traveling around the circle towards their destination.