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Project Overview

The Malta - South project will widen US Highway 191 (US 191), rehabilitate the entire road surface, and fully reconstruct some areas to flatten steep roadway grades and sharp curves to enhance safety features.

In addition, the project will install snow ditches to mitigate drifting snow issues and new pedestrian facilities at 9th Street West.

The project starts approximately 9.5 miles south of Malta near South Alkali Creek Road and ends at the intersection of US 191 and 9th Street West.

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Project Benefits

  • Enhanced safety to reduce the probability of crashes.
  • Improved service to the local communities, agriculture, commerce, and tourism industries.
  • New pedestrian facilities.

Important Improvements

The improvements to the road include:

  • New snow ditches to help mitigate drifting snow issues.
  • Wider shoulders.
  • Flatter side slopes to enhance safety.
  • Longer curves and flatter grades.
  • New culverts and upgraded guardrail.
  • Polymer bridge deck overlays.
  • New left-turn lane for traffic turning onto Secondary Highway 363 (S 363).

The improvements to pedestrian facilities include:

  • Pavement markings that are visible to people in vehicles and on foot.
  • Adding curb ‘bulb-outs’ to improve pedestrian visibility of oncoming traffic at 9th Street West.
  • A new pedestrian signal alerting drivers to crossings at 9th Street West.
  • A new separated shared-use path along the west side of US 191 from S 363 to 9th Street West.

Impacts on the Public

During work hours, motorists on US 191 should expect short delays, flaggers and signals controlling the movement of traffic, single-lane restrictions, and reduced speed limits. MDT and Wickens Construction will maintain traffic flow but rely on you to keep roadway crews safe.

When traveling during construction season, watch for the “cone zone” and workers on the highway. These workers spend their days working a short distance from fast-moving vehicles, and while they make every effort to work safely, they count on you to pay attention, slow down and be careful as you pass through a work zone.

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