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Project Overview

Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) has kicked off a project for the Exposition Drive & 1st Avenue North intersection in Billings. The project consists of two phases:

PHASE 1 is the transportation study to identify the proposed project for design and construction.

PHASE 2 will include the design and construction of the project.

The transportation study (PHASE 1) will investigate transportation alternatives to improve operations and safety for all users at this major intersection. The project objectives include improving:

  • Traffic operations at the intersection.
  • The pedestrian and bicycle environment.
  • Drainage at the intersection and on the approaches to mitigate ponding that occurs during larger rainstorms.
  • Pavement in the immediate area due to existing poor pavement condition.

The Exposition Drive & 1st Avenue North intersection is located approximately one-half mile to the west of the Dick Johnston Bridge over the Yellowstone River on US-87. The intersection serves as a gateway to downtown Billings, the Heights, Highway 3 and MetraPark.

Exposition Drive & 1st Avenue North project study area

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