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Woodland and 2nd Street / Conrad Intersection Improvements

Project Overview



The project is located entirely within the City of Kalispell limits in Flathead County at the intersection of Woodland Avenue and 2nd Street East/Conrad Drive.

Due to the crash history at this intersection, MDT completed an analysis to identify an appropriate solution to address the most common crashes occurring at this intersection. From that analysis a roundabout was determined to be the most appropriate. Due to site constraints at this location, it is anticipated that the roundabout will be a small diameter roundabout with a partially or fully mountable central island.

Working together, MDT and the City of Kalispell identified the need for improvements at this intersection based on safety performance. The objectives of this project include:

  • improve the safety of the intersection including reducing the frequency and severity of crashes,
  • reduce, if possible, the steep grade on the east approach to the intersection,
  • accommodate pedestrian and bicycle traffic at the intersection,
  • address accessibility deficiencies at the intersection, and
  • construct an improvement generally within the existing footprint of the intersection and roadway approaches.

This project is being developed through multiple phases starting with the feasibility phase, where the determination will be made about proceeding with a roundabout. If a roundabout is found to be feasible, the project will proceed into the design phase, followed by construction.