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Project Overview

Thousands of travelers commute to and from the Bitterroot Valley and Missoula every day. Specifically, the corridor between Missoula and Florence has seen steadily increasing traffic through the years. These traffic volumes create a need for an improved and safer roadway.

With this in mind, Robert Peccia & Associates (RPA), in partnership with the Montana Department of Transportation, are studying the roadway between Missoula and Florence on US Hwy 93 south of Missoula.

The study will take place during 2022 - 2024. Crew members will be surveying traffic volumes, completing the crash analysis, and meeting with stakeholders along the corridor to gather insight on the current state of the roadway. In addition, environmental research and attention to emergency access and alternative modes of transportation will be considered.

This area was studied previously in 2008 to consider the expanded capacity of the roadway, multi-modal transit options, improved pedestrian crossings and more. At the time, it was determined that an extensive construction project would need to occur, limiting major roadway access and causing delays on this busy thoroughfare. Due to project costs and incurred traffic disruption, this 2008 study was tabled until future funding or additional resources could be secured.

Now, MDT and RPA are returning to continue this research to determine a solution that incorporates public feedback and benefits the area while eliminating extensive traffic interruptions.

Study results will identify long-term corridor solutions that may include an expansion of the roadway, turn lanes, and/or changes to intersections. Construction would not occur for many years due to the extensive design process and large construction cost.

Drivers and residents may notice crew members on the side of the roadway setting up minor equipment, taking photos, and observing the area as the study begins. No direct impacts to traffic will take place as the investigation is completed.

Stakeholder meetings will be requested, and public meetings will be scheduled throughout the duration of the study. Please check the project overview tab for a current update on the study status.

Questions? Call 406-207-4484.

To sign up for updates as the study progresses, please email beccaXYZbigskypublicrelationsABCcom.

For more information, or if you have questions please call the project hotline during business hours at, 406-207-4484 or email beccaXYZbigskypublicrelationsABCcom.

US Hwy 93 Missoula to Florence Corridor Study

US Hwy 93: Missoula to Florence Corridor Study. Click the image to view the PDF.

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