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Upcoming Projects

The Montana Department of Transportation does not currently maintain a specific long range plan for consultant utilization. As projects are nominated, internal staff analyzes the capability for MDT to complete the work internally, at which time the decision is made to design with internal MDT staff or to utilize a consultant firm.

Be sure to check out the Current RFQs and RFPs page to see current project/term contract solicitations.

The table below contains known projects/term contracts coming up that the MDT is planning to utilize external consultant services for at this time.

Table 1 - Known upcoming projects that will utilize external consultant services
Project / Term ContractGeneral Scope of ServicesProjected Date of Consultant Selection
Montana Ave Structures - Billings Comprehensive evaluation of bridges for rehabilitation. The selected consultant will study methods, viability, preliminary details and costs for comprehensive major rehabilitation of these dual structures. Compare cost of rehabilitation to cost of replacing structures. The two structures are MDT structure IDs 06953 (NBI U01020001+08851) and 06954 (NBI U01020001+08852). The intent at this time is that the Consultant that completes this study will be retained for full design services, should the project move forward. Spring 2021
Timber Bridges – Forsyth Area MDT is proposing to replace 12 structures in the Forsyth area through a Design-Build contract. These bridges will be replaced with new bridges or culverts and will include minimal roadwork. Phase 1 consultant services are needed to provide initial investigation, analysis, and concept design for all sites. The information provided through the Phase 1 analysis will be utilized in the Design-Build solicitation. The Phase 1 Consultant will be required to provide numerous investigation, analysis, and design services, including (but not limited to): engineering, control, cadastral and utility surveys; hydraulic analysis; geotechnical exploration and investigation including borings and surfacing cores; environmental activities; preliminary/concept roadway and structure design, including bridge type, size, and location; cost estimation and risk analysis; R/W design, and potentially R/W acquisition.

The Phase I Preconstruction activities need to be completed in time for a late-2023 Phase II Design-Build solicitation. All Phase I tasks are expected to be delivered to MDT no later than July-2023 so MDT is prepared for various funding scenarios.

Note: The Consultant selected for the Phase I work will be precluded from pursuing the Phase II Design-Build work.

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