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The Montana Department of Transportation does not currently maintain a specific long range plan for consultant utilization. As projects are nominated, internal staff analyzes the capability for MDT to complete the work internally, at which time the decision is made to design with internal MDT staff or to utilize a consultant firm.

Be sure to check out the Current RFQs and RFPs page to see current project/term contract solicitations.

The table below contains known projects/term contracts coming up that the MDT is planning to utilize external consultant services for at this time.

Table 1 - Known upcoming projects that will utilize external consultant services
Project / Term ContractGeneral Scope of ServicesProjected Date of Consultant Selection
Glacier County Snow Fence Great Falls District capital construction project on US-2 (N-1), US-89 (P-3 & P-58) and Secondary Route 464 (S-464) in Glacier County. The scope of the project is to install new snow fence. Specific locations are as follows: N-1: RP 213.1 – 213.55, 214.11 – 214.37, 221.4 – 221.5 P-3: RP 106.4 – 107.1, 107.4 – 107.5 P-58: RP 5.79 – 6.0, 8.18 – 8.55, 8.71 – 9.0 S-464: RP 18.6 – 18.89 The consultant will be tasked with designing snow fence as needed in these areas and developing a full PS&E package for construction. Summer 2018
Gold Creek Rest Area Study to evaluate options for the Gold Creek Rest Area facility. The study will evaluate two alternatives: a reduced-services option (truck parking), and an abandonment option. The end result of the study will be a report that evaluates the need for continued reduced services at this location and summarizes the costs associated with those services. Additionally, the study will include an analysis of the costs associated with an abandonment option. future
Kalispell Bypass – South Half Comprehensive design services for a capital improvement project on the Kalispell Bypass. The intent of this project is to widen the existing 2-lane portion of the Bypass to 4 lanes (Foys Lake Road to US 93). Additionally, the project will include new grade-separated interchanges at the Airport Road intersection and the Foys Lake Road intersection. Services will be needed The consultant will be required to provide comprehensive design services necessary for the project, including (but not limited to) roadway design, bridge design, geotechnical, survey, public involvement, R/W design, and potentially R/W acquisition. Summer 2018
Malta – South Proposed major rehabilitation on the existing alignment of N-61 (US 191) from RP 147.4 to 156.8. The Preliminary Field Review report is complete (see below for link to report). Mapping, engineering, and cadastral surveys have been completed, as well as some very preliminary road design work (see below for links to this information). Sanderson Stewart has performed survey work for this project.

The work is to complete the design, which includes widening the existing roadway, adjustments to the vertical alignment to increase safety, a new surfacing section, culvert replacements, and minor work on the existing bridge over Alkali Creek. Four drainage crossings were recently replaced with culverts that would be extended. Additionally, the local community has expressed interest in non-motorized accommodations for the last mile or so of the project (northern limit near Malta). This will have to be considered during design, including helping MDT work through policies and procedures regarding these types of facilities. The selected consultant will be required to provide comprehensive design services necessary for the project, including (but not limited to) roadway design, geotechnical investigation, analysis and design, hydraulics, traffic, and R/W design. The public involvement component is also included as only a news release has been distributed to date.
Spring/Summer 2018
Bridge Underwater Inspection Term Contracts Term Contracts to provide diving inspection services for underwater bridge components for about 130 bridges statewide. Most provide the necessary personnel, equipment, and expertise to complete Category 2 diving inspections from the mud line to the water surface for various substructure types. Also provide information on the existing and potential for scour at the bridge site as well as cross sections and contour maps of the stream or river bed by sounding or other approved methods. Summer 2018
CMGC Independent Cost Estimator Term Contract for Independent Cost Estimator (ICE) on an as-needed basis for Construction Manager / General Contractor (CM/GC) Contracts. The selected Independent Cost Estimator will provide a series of detailed cost estimates throughout project development for the Department’s CM/GC projects. Estimates developed by the ICE will be used to establish, compare, and approve the Construction Manager / General Contractor’s pricing for a given project. Cost estimates and models will be developed, including all cost elements. The ICE will be required to obtain independent subcontractor and vendor quotes, as well as analyze and critique production schedules. The ICE will work closely with and become a part of the overall Project Team. Fall 2018
Materials Deck Forensic Analysis In 2016, several bridge decks in Montana were experiencing rapid deck deterioration, causing closure of interstate lanes. In an effort to determine potential causes for this deterioration and to determine a course of action in response to this emergency, MDT utilized the services of Wiss, Janney, Elstner Assoc., Inc. under non-competitive provisions for emergency response. The final report of this analysis can be found here: MDT is now pursuing further work in this regard to advance detailed practices and specifications for our bridges.

The primary goals of this new project are to:
  1. Assess the performance of new curing procedures,
  2. Observe progression of the cracks on the previously inspected bridges,
  3. Obtain knowledge of internal temperature gradients and stresses on a newly constructed bridge decks,
  4. Optimize the previous modeling efforts, and
  5. Provide any appropriate follow-up recommendations to improve the modified curing procedures.
Summer 2018