Montana Department of Transportation

Bid Primer

Bidding Information for Contractors

Contractor Registration

Montana law requires all contractors to register with the Montana Department of Labor and Industry. On federal-aid projects, contractors must register prior to executing a contract. On state-funded projects, bidders must be registered prior to submitting a bid. For information regarding this requirement, contact the Department of Labor and Industry at 406-444-7734 or TTY 406-444-5549.


Prequalification is required only for some Specialty Types of work at this time. No other prequalification is required.

Contract Documents

The following documents are part of a contract and should be reviewed before submitting your bid.

  1. Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, 2014 Edition.
  2. Detailed Drawings
  3. Question and Answer Forum
  4. The current month's Advertised Bid Packages
  5. Addendum(s) applied to the project. The complete addendum for a project is located under the Bid Packages link, letting month and then under the project name. Issued the week prior on Wednesday or the Monday before letting.

AASHTOWare Project Bids™ Software

Effective for the December 7, 2017 bid letting and beyond, all contractors are required to use AASHTOWare Project Bids™ Electronic Bidding System to prepare their bid electronically. When completing your bid with AASHTOWare Project Bids™, check your company's name. The company name should be the same on the schedule of items, proposal, and bid bond.

Bid Express™ Secure Internet Bidding is a convenient alternative to hand delivering your bid. Allow 2 weeks for processing when you sign up for this service. An electronic bid bond (see Bond Forms below) is recommended if you plan to submit bids electronically.

Contractor Identification Number

All bidders need a Contractor Identification Number (a.k.a. Vendor Number) issued through the Construction Contracting Bureau to bid on a project using Expedite or Bid Express. To get a new number or find out what your existing number is call the Construction Contracting Bureau at 406-444-6212 or 406-444-6215.

Bond Forms

The use of the Department's Bid Bond Form or Electronic Bid Bond is required. No other security is accepted.

Bidding Process

Please see: Bid Primer.

Contract Awards

Projects are awarded approximately 10 calendar days after the bid letting. A contractor has 20 calendar days from receipt of contract to acquire insurance (107.13.1) and bonding, and to return the signed contract to the Construction Contracting Bureau.


For more information, contact the Construction Contracting Bureau at 406-444-6212 or 406-444-6215.