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Construction Memos

Signed originals of the following memos are filed in the Helena Construction Office. The construction memos are listed by year and topic. They open in PDF format. Each memo is searchable, and text within the memo can be copied and pasted.

Memo Title Effective
2021 Memos
Motor Carrier Services Construction Guide 09/27/21
Buy America Training and Webpage 08/01/21
Construction Claims Process 06/17/21
Buy America Guidance for Rebar 05/01/21
Finalization Process 05/01/21
Value Engineering Proposals 04/05/21
2020 Memos
Service Connections Utility Coordination Procedure Guidelines 08/17/20
COVID19 03/23/20
Seed Acceptance Method 01/23/20
2019 Memos
R-Value Guidance 09/26/19
Traffic Control Plastic Drums 07/11/19
Truck Speed Limit Change 06/11/19
Change Order Process Update 024/24/19
2016 Memos
No active memos
2015 Memos
Evaporation Retarders 10/05/15
Materials Certifications 04/27/15
2014 Memos
No active memos 10/01/13
2013 Memos
No active memos
2012 Memos
Traffic Control Engineer Position 04/02/12
2011 Memos
No active memos
2010 Memos
Public Water and Wastewater As-Built Certification 09/28/10
Crosshole Sonic Logging Testing Requirements 08/20/10
Traffic Control Documentation 08/20/10
Structure Tolerances 07/08/10
Contractor Flagging Requirements 05/20/10
2009 Memos
Seal Coat 10/05/09
Fuel Price Adjustment 06/11/09
Pile Driving Logs 05/18/09
Balancing Earthwork 05/11/09
Mass Diagrams and Shrink/Swell Factors 04/06/09
Construction Non-uniformity Complaint Form 01/14/09
2008 Memos
Construction Detours and Over-width Permits 07/14/08
Corrugated Steel Pipe Inspection 06/24/08
Guidance for Reporting Potential Erosion and Sediment Discharges 06/05/08
Plant Mix Special Provisions 06/02/08
Final Materials Certification Process 05/09/08
Project Dates 05/06/08
Specification Revision Process 05/05/08
Force Account 03/31/08
Site Manager WAQTC Training Requirements 02/22/08
Use of Contractor Survey Equipment 02/21/08
Guidance for Informal Post Construction Review Reports 02/06/08
2007 Memos
Seal Coat Revisions 12/19/07
Work Zone Safety and Mobility 09/05/07
Construction Jobsite Safety 07/31/07
Nuclear Gauge Storage and Seating Sand 07/26/07
Contractor Relations and Access to MDT Test Trailers and Laboratories 06/25/07
Construction Trailer Move Procedures 06/18/07
International Roughness Index (RI) Testing 06/07/07
Material Certifications 02/13/07
Buy America Database - Guardrail 01/29/07
2006 Memos
Density Acceptance by Cores 10/03/06
Examination of Documents and Site of Work 06/12/06
Significant Changes in the Character of Work 06/09/06
Moisture Requirements for Compaction 04/10/06
Subcontract Requirements 03/29/06
Compaction Summaries 01/20/06
Retaining and Retesting Density Cores 01/06/06
2005 Memos
Drilled Shaft Submittals 12/28/05
Guidance on the use of Type 2 Object Markers and Portable Vertical Panels 08/15/05
Review Process for Crashworthy Requirements for Work Zone Devices 08/05/05
Temporary Traffic Control Signals Guidance 05/05/05
2004 Memos
Quality Assurance 03/10/04
Timeliness of Quality Assurance Entries 03/01/04
2003 Memos
Process for Estimating Earthwork Quantities For Progress Estimates 12/03/03
Acceptance of Reinforced Concrete Products, and General Culvert Construction Considerations 08/25/03
Density Acceptance on Pulverized Plant Mix Surfacing 08/22/03
Perforated Stop/Slow Flagger Paddles 07/11/03