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Archeologist Dave Ferguson shows students a hand-laid well that was discovered during a dig near Whitetail Road
Archeologists show students a hand-laid well that was discovered during
a dig near Whitetail Road. Photo courtesy of Stephen Platt

More Than Just Road Work... Digging Deeper

One of MDT's major functions is highway and bridge construction - we all know that. But did you know that we have an archeologist to oversee potential sites that might be disturbed by these activities?

In September, fourth and fifth graders from Boulder Elementary School were treated to a visit of the dig site along Whitetail Road with MDT's staff archeologist Stephen Platt.

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Finding archeological sites along modern roads is not unusual . . . Stephen Platt, who is currently overseeing contracted excavation between Boulder and Whitehall, said many modern roads follow long-used travel routes. “That’s not unusual,” he said. “What we have is an overlaying of human activity all in one place because of the lay of the land.”

article by Jan Anderson of the Boulder Monitor, November 2017

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Environmental Services

The Cultural Resources section at MDT oversees historic bridges, the Historic Marker program, and archeological sites amongst a wide variety of other topics. They are part of a larger group that focuses on the environmental impacts of all of MDT's activities.

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