If You Feel Different, You Drive Different.

A man smoking marijuana

April 18, 2022

Make safety your highest priority!

April 20th (more commonly known as 4/20) has become synonymous with marijuana use and, in some circles, the date is observed as a marijuana "holiday." To help keep Montana's roadways safe for all users, MDT is reminding drivers that drug-impaired driving of any kind is dangerous and illegal.

It doesn't matter what term is used. If a person is feeling a little high, buzzed, stoned, or wasted, they should not get behind the wheel. Think driving while high isn't dangerous? It has been proven that THC - a principal component in marijuana and marijuana infused products - can slow reaction times, impair cognitive performance, and make it difficult for drivers to keep a steady position in their lane.

Options to Get Home Safely:

  • If you plan to use on 4/20 (or anytime), you should refrain from driving and plan ahead for a sober ride.
  • If you are drug-impaired, pass the keys to a sober driver or contact a ride share service that can safely drive you to your destination. Like drunk driving, it is essential that drug-impaired drivers refrain from driving a vehicle. It is never OK to drive while impaired by any substance!
  • If you see an impaired driver on the road, contact 911.

Remember: If you feel different, you drive different. Only drive sober!

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