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I 90 to Anaconda MT 1 Pavement Preservation Fact Sheet

I 90

What is the Anaconda MT 1 Pavement Preservation Project?

This pavement preservation project on Montana State Highway 1 (MT 1) in Deer Lodge County begins at the I 90 Anaconda Interchange and extends northwesterly approximately 7 miles, ending just east of North Polk Street in Anaconda, and includes five bridges. New chip seal and pavement markings will be applied and bridge guardrails will be upgraded.

Why is this project needed?

This section of MT 1 was last improved a decade ago and is due to receive routine maintenance to extend the highway’s service life. The project will also incorporate safety improvements, including replacing guardrails at the I 90 interchange and on five bridges along the project route. Pavement preservation will include skid-resistant features.

When will work begin on MT 1?

MDT contractor Pavement Maintenance Services began construction, starting at North Polk Street at the west end of the project, the week of July 18, 2022. Pending weather-related delays, project duration is expected to be approximately three months with the seal and cover completed in summer 2023.

What will MDT do to minimize the impact on travelers and local residents and businesses?

Traffic delays will be kept to a minimum. A brief closure is expected at the I 90 Anaconda Interchange and MT 1 to improve the guardrails. During the closure, which is expected to be one day each way, a detour at the Gregson/Fairmont Exit 211 will be in place for westbound I 90 traffic to Anaconda, and at the Warm Springs Exit 201 for eastbound 1 90 traffic. Once the detour dates are set the public will be notified in advance of the closure and four Variable Message Signs (VMS) will be deployed along the highway. In addition, traffic will be detoured only during working hours.

What other factors were considered during the design and construction of this project?

MDT goes through an extensive planning and development process to make sure a full range of engineering, environmental, and cost criteria are considered in its construction project designs. Public safety, efficient traffic flow, cost-effective use of taxpayer funds, and stakeholder input are all key factors to consider—for the I 90 to Anaconda MT 1 Pavement Preservation project and other construction projects around the state.

What is the total cost of this project?

The awarded bid is estimated at $1.2 million.

How can you stay informed about this project?

The public and local stakeholders will be kept informed throughout the project. As with all its road construction projects, MDT is committed to and encourages public involvement. Regular updates on construction progress will be posted on the Anaconda-Deer Lodge Road & Bridges Preservation Project Updates. Those interested in the project can text* ANADEER to 22999 for email updates. A dedicated phone line is also available at 406-998-7258.

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