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Deer Lodge Area Bridges Rehabilitation Fact Sheet

I 90

What is the Deer Lodge Area Bridges Rehabilitation Project?

The project includes rehabilitation of 11 bridges located at five separate locations along the I 90 corridor between 5 and 20 miles south of Deer Lodge in Powell and Deer Lodge counties. See the project map. The five bridge locations are:

  • I 90 Exit 195 (Deer Lodge-Race Track)
  • I 90 Exit 201 (Warm Springs)
  • Near mile markers (MM) 191, 199, and 205.

Rehabilitation work will consist of bridge and approach guardrail replacement, repairs to the deck and substructure concrete, deck milling with a concrete overlay, crack sealing, and other upgrades and repairs.

Why is this project needed?

The roadways surfaces over these 11 bridges were part of the original construction of I 90 more than five decades ago and are nearing the end of their service life. These bridge surfaces are in need of extensive repairs to maintain traffic flow and meet current safety standards.

When will work begin on these bridges?

MDT anticipates that construction will take place from April to October 2022.

What will MDT do to minimize the impact on travelers and local residents and businesses?

Traffic delays along the project route will be kept to a minimum with one lane on both westbound and eastbound I 90 open throughout the project.

Will there be detours during construction hours?

Both eastbound and westbound traffic through Deer Lodge and Powell counties will remain open at all times with just one lane at a time closed for construction at each bridge location.

What other factors were considered during the design and construction of this project?

MDT goes through an extensive planning and development process to make sure a full range of engineering, environmental, and cost criteria are considered in its construction project designs. Public safety, efficient traffic flow, cost-effective use of taxpayer funds, and stakeholder input are all key factors to consider for the Deer Lodge Area Bridges Rehabilitation project and other construction projects around the state.

What is the total cost of this project?

COP Construction LLC was awarded the $3.1 million contract on Oct. 5, 2021.

How can you stay informed about this project?

The public and local stakeholders will be kept informed throughout the project. As with all its road construction projects, MDT is committed to and encourages public involvement. Regular updates on construction progress will be posted on MDT's Anaconda-Deer Lodge Road & Bridges Preservation Project Updates. Those interested in the project can text* ANADEER to 22999 for email updates. A dedicated phone line is also available at 406 998-7258.

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