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Project Schedule

The project will be constructed in four phases:

Phase 1 - August 26th, 2013 - Fall 2013

Phase one of the project will begin on August 26th, 2013 and last through the fall of 2013. Activities will include construction of a temporary rail line to divert rail traffic and construction of a new railroad bridge adjacent to the Frontage Road. Crews will also construct the new on and off ramps for the new Belgrade Interchange as well as re-aligning the Alaska/Frontage Road. Phase one should be complete around the middle of November.

Phase 2 - Spring/Summer 2014

Beginning in early spring 2014, construction will begin on the new Interstate bridges. At this time interstate traffic will be detoured down the new ramps constructed in Stage 1, around the work zone and back to the interstate. Crews will also work on constructing a new portion of Alaska Road which will run through the West end of the Knife River gravel pit that will connect Alaska Road on the Southside of Interstate 90 to the Frontage Road and Gallatin Field Road north of the Interstate at the completion of the project.

Phase 3 - Summer/Fall 2014

Around mid-summer 2014 the new interstate bridges are anticipated to be complete and traffic will be shifted back to the interstate. Crews will then begin reconstruction of the Frontage Road and Gallatin Field Road, construction of the North/South connections of the newly built Alaska Road and the connection of Northern Pacific Avenue to the newly constructed Alaska Road.

Phase 4 - Fall 2014 / Summer 2015

The final stage of the project will consist of closing the at-grade railroad crossing at Arizona Street, minor items of work, final grading/seeding, chip seal and pavement markings.