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View the Governor’s Coronavirus Task Force site for more information.

Public Involvement

Central Montana Sidewalk Upgrades

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Coronavirus Response

The Montana Department of Transportation together with its construction contracting partners continue to take the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. Construction projects on Montana’s roads and bridges are considered an “essential” operation and will continue moving forward as scheduled in 2020. Construction workers will continue several measures to help keep employees, contractors and the public safe during the construction season. Some of the measures include following social distancing and good hygiene guidelines, and not reporting to work if showing symptoms of illness. For more information visit

Work Zone Safety

When traveling during construction season, watch for the "cone zone" and for workers on the highway. These workers spend their days working a short distance from fast moving vehicles, and while they make every effort to work safely, they are counting on you to pay attention, slow down and be careful as you pass through a work zone. Learn more at Work Zones, The Cone Zone.

Project Overview

The construction project was awarded to Century Companies, Inc. for $3,467,021.78. Construction will start in May of 2020 with some landscaping prep beginning in March of 2020. The project is occurring in five cities: Conrad, Shelby, Fairfield, Valier, and Rudyard. The project aims to increase pedestrian mobility needs along the state roads.

Drivers will experience brief lane shifts and pedestrians may be rerouted.

Construction is expected to be complete in late summer of 2020.

Purpose and Need

MDT has selected locations from a statewide strategy called the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan. This statewide plan makes sidewalks safer and more accessible to people with disabilities. The existing areas of sidewalk that don’t meet code are being replaced which are typically the corner ramps. Where there is existing sidewalk, new corner ramps will tie into them, providing a smooth, safe, and connected route for all pedestrians.

How can I stay informed?

As the project progresses, this web page will be updated with public involvement notices as they become available. Notices will also be distributed to those on the project's mailing list.

Call the project hotline 1-800-514-1898.

MDT encourages members of the public to join the project's mailing or text message list. Each city has its own dedicated email address which can receive questions and can sign you up for regular construction updates.

  • Conrad: or text ConradADA to 47177
  • Fairfield: or text FairfieldADA to 47177
  • Rudyard: or text RudyardADA to 47177
  • Shelby: or text ShelbyADA to 47177
  • Valier: or text ValierADA to 47177

Virtual open houses will be scheduled this summer. Notifications will be sent to subscribers, be posted online, be broadcast on news outlets, and posted to MDT’s Facebook account. Residents and businesses along this route can expect further outreach.

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