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Project Overview

The Montana Department of Transportation is rehabilitating the Cyr Bridge located on Old Highway 10 west of the town of Alberton in Mineral County. Construction is anticipated to begin in Spring 2024.

Project Map

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The bridge was originally constructed in 1932 and is showing signs of its age. This project will enhance roadway safety features by adding new guardrails, extending the service life of the bridge, and providing a smoother driving surface.

Cyr Bridge

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The project will ensure the continued safe operation of the bridge for many years to come. These improvements are a cost-effective option that will reduce construction time, serve motorists well into the future, and preserve the appearance of the historic bridge.

Improvements include:

The planned improvements include:

  • Repairing deteriorated concrete in the bridge deck, piers, and retaining walls.
  • Repairing and painting the steel superstructure.
  • Replacing the bridge railing.
  • Applying a polymer overlay to the bridge’s driving surface.
  • Resurfacing the roadway on each end of the bridge.
  • Paving the vehicle parking area on the eastside of the bridge.
  • Installing a historical marker.

What are the benefits of bridge rehabilitation versus bridge replacement?

MDT is committed to thoughtfully preserving Montana’s bridge infrastructure. The cost to replace the bridge is significantly higher than rehabilitating the bridge’s components. MDT developed economical options for extending the life of the bridge and the local access it provides. By electing to rehabilitate the bridge rather than fully replacing it, MDT will maximize value for Montanans and preserve the historic nature of the existing bridge.

Stay Involved

Public involvement is important to MDT and the success of the project. The community will be notified about public involvement opportunities through the project website, local media, mailings, social media and other communication channels throughout the project development process. The public’s input helps guide MDT in the construction of the bridge improvements.

Stay Informed During Construction

MDT will notify the public about traffic impacts and work activities through the project website, local media, mailings, social media, and email and text notifications during construction. See in-formation in the sidebar to the right to sign up for notifications.

Current construction information and road conditions can be found on the MDT Travel Info App.

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