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Active Project - MDT - Dern / Springcreek Road Intersection Improvements

Dern / Springcreek Road Intersection Improvements

Construction Notice: Dern Road and Springcreek Road Intersection, US Hwy 2

Construction Notice! The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) informs the media and general public of construction beginning on the Dern Road and Springcreek Road intersection on US Highway 2 in early summer 2021. Schellinger Construction crews are anticipated to start work the week of May 24, 2021, through November of 2021, dependent upon favorable weather conditions. To provide the safest design, the current intersection configuration will be replaced with a roundabout. In addition, crews will work to flatten the slope on Highway 2 to increase visibility for drivers.

MDT and their partners have engaged in significant analysis, design, and gathering of public feedback to provide Flathead County with the best intersection improvement option. After substantial analysis of 12 different intersection configurations, a roundabout was selected as the safest and most cost-effective scenario. For more details on roundabout safety and the design selection process, please visit the webpage linked here.

Initial construction will occur adjacent to the roadway near the northwest corner of the current intersection. Drivers may anticipate delays as crews and large equipment access the work zone. As construction progresses, there are likely to be additional travel impacts. Updates will be given as work progresses.

Roadwork will continue through the late fall of 2021 and begin again for a brief period in the spring of 2022.

Questions or interested in regular updates? Please email Takami at or call the project hotline at 406-595-0940 during business hours. You are also welcome to text DERNSPRING to 41411 for updates.

Project Overview

A problem that must be addressed – Vision Zero

The Dern Road and Springcreek Road intersection, located just outside of Kalispell along Highway 2 West, is one of the Flathead Valley’s most dangerous intersections. Between 2003 and 2014, there were 48 crashes at the Dern/Springcreek intersection. One person was killed trying to cross Highway 2 West from Dern Road; another 12 people were seriously injured in crashes during this period. One life was lost, and many others potentially changed forever. This pattern must stop. As such, the Montana Department of Transportation is committed to creating a solution that vastly reduces or eliminates serious injuries or deaths at this intersection.

To find the best solution to improve safety at the Dern/Springcreek intersection, the Montana Department of Transportation has studied 12 different options for improving this intersection and making it safer for the traveling public. At this time, a roundabout has been designated as the safest traffic configuration for the Dern/Springcreek intersection.

Vision Zero is a multipronged initiative with the ultimate goal of eliminating deaths and injuries on Montana highways. Without good roads, bridges, and intersections, traveling safely and efficiently through Montana would be very difficult. More deaths and injuries would likely occur, and it would be harder to do business, visit family or organize public events such as track meets and concerts. Having good roads, bridges, and other transportation systems and educating drivers how to use them is critical to building strong communities and a strong state.