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Active Project - Glendive Rumble Strips

Glendive Rumble Strips

Glendive Rumble Strips

Rumble Strips Save Lives

Rumble strips are grooves in the pavement that produce a rumbling noise and vibration when a vehicle drives over the strip. Shoulder rumble strips have been utilized on Montana's highways for decades to alert drivers veering off the side of the road. Center line rumble strips are now being installed along the centerline of twoway highways to continue to improve the safety of Montana's highways.

Center line rumbled strips are designed to prevent roadway departure crashes, particularly head-on and sideswipe

What are the Benefits to Rumble Strips?

  • Provide immediate and direct feedback to drivers or motorcyclists unintentionally crossing the centerline of two-lane highways, giving distracted or drowsy drivers time to correct course.
  • Act as a guideline to vehicles and snowplows in winter whiteout conditions and other low-visibility conditions.
  • Effective in lowering the number of highway fatalities and serious injuries. In other states where rumble strip projects have been implemented roadway departure crashes have been reduced as much as 42% and fatal and severe injury crashes as much as 73%.
  • Are a low-cost safety measure. Compared to $1 million per mile of total highway reconstruction cost, centerline rumble strips cost $5,000 per mile to install.

How do I Drive with Centerline Rumble Strips?

  • Montana drivers should be aware of the following when driving on two-lane highways installed with centerline rumble strips:
  • Passing is allowed in passing zones. Centerline rumble strips are installed in both passing and nonpassing zones. They are not meant to deter safe passing by car, truck, or motorcycle.
  • Don't hug the shoulder. This makes bicyclists nervous. Be sure to give bicyclists plenty of shoulder room.
  • Centerline rumble strips may seem louder when you drive over them compared to shoulder strips. This is because the vehicle and driver's body is right over the strip.