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Active Project - Great Falls ADA

Great Falls ADA

MDT Wrapping up ADA Improvements on Central Avenue West, 6th Street SW

Improvements to curb ramps on Central Avenue West and 6th Street SW are wrapping up. In total 84 curb ramps and 10 alley approaches were improved to be safer and more accessible for all users. The Montana Department of Transportation is grateful for the patience of residents near the project area and all those passing through the work zone.

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Project Overview

photo of adults and children walking the park

The Montana Department of Transportation is updating sidewalk corners on two major city streets in the City of Great Falls. Improvements to sidewalk corners will allow all users to get on and off sidewalks with more ease. These improvements will bring sidewalk access into compliance with the revised Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. Improvements will allow greater access for everyone.

About the MDT ADA Transition Plan

The Great Falls ADA improvement project is part of the Montana Department of Transportation’s (MDT) Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Plan. The plan is based on MDT’s ongoing efforts to increase accessibility and to encourage collaboration between MDT and residents across Montana.

The Montana Department of Transportation has established an accessibility baseline for transportation systems. The Transition Plan outlines the methods to ensure MDT offers access to programs and services. The full ADA Transition Plan is available through MDT’s Office of Civil Rights.

Montana is a large state that accommodates many user groups. The ADA Transition Plan helps guide MDT in providing accessibility improvements across the state. From St. Regis to Glendive, Montana communities are benefitting from this commitment to accessibility.

About Great Falls ADA

The Great Falls ADA project is a component of the statewide ADA Transition Plan. These improvements in Great Falls focus on updating curb ramps. Curb ramps are installed in areas where pedestrian traffic transitions on or off the sidewalk and into a crosswalk.

A sidewalk curb with no ramp is difficult to navigate for individuals with disabilities, people who use walkers or canes and other assistive devices like crutches, as well as those pushing strollers and delivery dollies.

The newly updated curb ramps throughout the project feature ramped areas as well as landings for wheelchair users to maneuver.

Before and After photos of ADA work
Before and After photos of ADA work on Pine St.

Additionally, detectable warnings will be installed with each curb ramp. Detectable warnings are the textured and visual contrasting surfaces found in the areas where a curb ramp intersects the street. Detectable warnings provide the tactile warning to users with vision impairments, alerting them that they are entering a vehicular area.

Safety tread photo

Project Map

Great Falls ADA project map
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In total, 84 curb ramps and 10 alley approaches in Great Falls will be updated to become more accessible. Work will be performed on two major city streets with completion scheduled for Fall 2018, weather permitting. Areas planned for accessibility upgrades include Central Ave West from Vaughn Rd to 9th Street NW and 6th Street SW from Country Club Blvd to Central Ave West.

The streamlined construction process used to improve curb ramps is designed to reduce the time required to finish these upgrades. That means less noise and disruption for neighbors and travelers around the work zone.